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REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 27 2017 8:24pm
Talk to Ira. He's back from vacation and he had a wonderful time! He went cross-country skiing. He isn't fond of screaming down the mountainside on his skis so all in all he had a perfect vacation! To top it off, his neighbors held a surprise birthday party when he got home!
He doesn't miss the snow as much as the home cooking. He stayed with Cedric and since neither one of them are good in the kitchen, Jeremy saved them by bringing over dinner.
Jeremy's name doesn't ring a bell with you but you offer to go pick up the thank you gift for Ira, it'll be your chance to meet Jeremy this way.
Sonce Jeremy likes cooking so much , Ira ordered him a set of cooking utensils. He didn't order them from Simon since he doesn't like things that are out of the ordinary, so he ordered them from Sasha instead.
Sasha runs the general store in Treeton. go there and pick up the gift for Jeremy. Ira has told you that Jeremy lives in Chillton over on Snow Isle. It does get chilly there, so bundle up!
Jeremy is at the General Store along with Tony Grocer. Give him the gift that Ira had bought for him and is surprised at the gift but tells you that he'd cook for that guy any day of the week!
Reward: 25k and 50 QP
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 27 2017 8:24pm
Ira is located in Earton

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