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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Barbette's and Humpty's quests
REPLY: (by Piper) Nov 11 2017 8:50am
Barbette's Budding Friendship(Rider Isle/Harbormistress):

Talk to Barbette Dingee. She wouldn't have an odd job or errand for you to do now, would she? After all you would like to save money for some new tack after all! As it turn out, yes she does! She wants you to take this package to hank Halyard which she says should make him chuckle. Take the package to Hank and give it to him. He's laughing even before he opens it. Guess he ain't gonna tell us what it is! Well now, he gives you a package to take back to her. Well, she got was she was hoping for and was tickled pink!
Reward: 10,000 and 25QP

Humpty's Lost Love (Cloud Isle):

Humpty lives on the cloud that north of the one with the candy maze on it. The same one Peter Pumpkin resides on.
Talk to Patience over on Bird. Mention that the name Humpty must mean something to her that was deep and personal, but somehow she's sure that she's never met him. Yes the whole thing with the tarantula can be embarrassing but he really meant no harm in it he just wanted to impress her father, well because he was in love with you.
Whoa wait a minute, Lovely? did she just say that? Taratulas, lovely? this can't be the same person that was scared of them , can it? Patience sings like a lark, but the trauma it made her forget! Well next stop Grant, Talk to him because Patience remembered him saying something about someone with a beautiful voice.
Grant says there was someone on Bird, but she left, Bird Isle was too small. Now to find the groundskeeper whose her uncle.
The groundskeeper happens to be Mortimer himself over on Starfish Isle. Talk to him about Patience. She just happens to be his niece who was there about a week ago. Now he told you that she wanted to wish on a unicorn..wait that can't be right.
Go to Kirby in Ashton on Lava Isle. Tell him the story of Patience and Humpty. Now you find out that Patience is afraid of heights so she'd never be on cloud Isle. Kirby tells you she wouldn't live anywhere that has spiders, so that rules out all the desert isles for sure!
Now the wishing on a unicorn you figure has to be Horn Isle. And fishing! Fishing on Horn! so go talk to Nikara the owner of Fish and Rocks on the very northern tip of Horn Isle about Patience. Turns out she's fishing on the shorelines not far from his front door! Let's go find her!
Talk to Little Miss Moufet. You ask her, Patience, if yo may talk with her. Well , it is a long story but the short of it, Humpty wanted you to find her. Oh boy, she does not like Humpty's name.. at all. The mere mention of it makes her mad! Try to assure her that Humpty's love is real and he's never hurt her again like that. He's never spoken to her, never tried to find her, she's mad at him. She obviously won't be his true love anymore. Poor Humpty. Back to him to give him a piece of your mind for her.
Reward: $350,000 50 Silver Linings and 200 QP

Humpty's Small Favor (Cloud Isle):

Humpty wants to buy a pet for his mom for her birthday but doesn't know what to get. Go to his mom which is across the way on the same cloud and ask where his father is. He's out looking at cloud gazing. so he should be near the house. Wander around till you find him.
Name of some pets that you think Humpty might want to give his mom, but oh no not a turtle! Okay, so nothing with feathers or fur, or hooves r scales. so that eliminates cats, dogs, horses, lizards, birds, cows and probably gerbils too. So nothing that slithers, hops or crawls. it has to be yellow though..her favorite color.
This may be a little harder than you thought at first.
Don't buy everything you can thing of that's yellow. Get the Rubber Ducky and bring it back to Humpty. He's so happy with it to give to her!
Reward: 50,000 and 75 QP

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