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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: "Common courtesy" of releasing horses
REPLY: (by Thorin) Feb 7 2017 12:47pm
I thought I would bring this up because I was dealing with a couple of players today on Pinto who were making an issue of it.

A player had released a horse near Earton and placed an ad in Ads Chat saying that they had done so. This prompted several other players to enter Global and start attacking/name calling the first for having released the horse instead of pawning it. When I explained that releasing horses is not against the rules and that it is a mechanic of the game that Joe and Miranda decided should be available to players as an alternative to pawning, the most stubborn of the bunch decided to use NightMare/DP's stickied thread on the subject as ammunition.

They were trying to claim that releasing is against the rules because it inconveniences people who are whispering.
First of all, it seems to me that with the new Pawneer prices, the "inconvenience" of catching a released horse is now a logical fallacy (you can more than double the money you spent to whisper it... that sounds like a win?)
Secondly, and most importantly, regardless of your feelings on releasing horses, the statements made in the forum post mentioned above are guidelines and not rules, yet players are using them as grounds for harassing other players ("I don't like when people release horses --> DP says its 'bad' too --> I get to attack people who do it.")

I think the forum post should probably be edited to be a little clearer on the fact that it's not against any rules to release, and especially that it's not OK to tell people they CAN'T release. Or else maybe it should just be taken down altogether. Like I said, if you whisper a dud released horse, you more than make your money back at the Pawneer. The only thing you're out is the 60 seconds it took you to catch it. XD
REPLY: (by Thorin) Feb 7 2017 12:48pm
P.S., I would link to the other topic I'm referring to, but the forum thinks it's "profanity." :P Anyway, it's titled "Releasing Horses (DesertPaint Repost)" in the Game forum.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Feb 8 2017 11:17am
Thanks, I updated the thread. :)
REPLY: (by Thorin) Feb 8 2017 2:21pm
Thanks DP! I'll refer people back to that thread now if there are ever any more issues. :)

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