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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Kier & The Lovesick Frog
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 12 2016 4:41pm
Kier & The Lovesick Frog

Kier is the blackbird in the water tower (walk inside it to find him)
Kier is proud that he looks like a peacock now and he has new information to tell you! Well he doesn't like to fly about too much, because he doesn't want to waste his beautiful feathers but he did hear an awful noise come from a cotton patch he was flying by. Well it seemed to Kier an horrid noise so he flew down to listen to it and it seemed maybe in distress like a lost love. Coming from a frog? Kier tells you the noise come from a fishing pond that is east of the rising sun and southeast of here. Ok, wonderful. Now you have to go hunting at the fising ponds for a frog. The one you are looking for is the big fishing pond straight up from Sunshine Meadows. (The one with the big cotton patch around it). I found Murigal by the dead tree on the grass,on the south side.

You find out that Murigal is in a cage and that's not all either. The cage is locked shut and fused into a tree!
To make things wors be, Murigal is so upset that she is croaking in dozens of different ways, and is getting more upset by the moment! Which makes her croak even more and louder.

Murigal tells you that a wicked witch did this to her and locked her in there. It doesn't help that when you ask her which wicked witch locked her in there and she emphasizes THE Wicked Witch that you still don't know which one she's talking about.
Well, she gives you somewhat of a description, which reminds me of the evil Witch of the West from Oz.
Warty, and ugly as an old toad itself and mean too. Murigal looks surprised that you'd actually help her. Well why wouldn't you? After all you've helped her out before so why not now?
Well she doesn't know where the witch would be but the berry fairies might know.
Wait, berry fairies? They exist?

Gnella is the in Raspberry bush south of the dead tree. go two steps south you'll find her in that large patch. Remember, where you found her the first time she won't be the second as she does move. She's scared of witches and tells you to talk to one of her sisters. Ok so lets search the other berry patches!

Gnessa is in the Blackberry bush above Gnella's and in the middle part as well.
Well, isn't this interesting! she's allergic to humans! ASk her about information about the witch on how to free Murigal. She can't help you on that but tells you to talk to her sister Gnetta who told the frog not to vex the witch in the first place, so lets find Gnetta!

Gnetta is in the Thimbleberry bush and is not at all happy to see you. You seemed to have ruined her day. She calls us humans noisy, obnozious, unruly and loud and says that they scatter their berries all over. I can see her point, but seriously, is this fairie going to help us? She questions if we can hush up Murigal. If we could, well helping us would certainly be much more appealing to her. All we need to know is which witch put the spell on Murigal and where to find the witch.
Gnetta told you that she told Murigal over and th over and over again not to vex the witch which of course she did so the witch put a hex on her.

Gnetta: Ohhhh! THAT witch. She lives where it's all prickly and sandy. There's a black widow named Draculetta that might be able to offer help.
Fairies, Spiders, Witches, hexes, how bad can this get? Don't answer that yet.
Oh fun! Now of to the Desert Isles to find this Black Widow Spider.
You will find Draculetta on Yellow Brick Isle, and you'll also find out that the spider loves to brag! Great and Powerful Wizard! Yeah, then I'm Dorothy!

This spider really does have anger issue problems! Well Murigal's description and Draculetta's match up pretty evenly. Draculetta says she's a crazed wart-covered beast.

Draculetta says she's she's just west there, over by the prickly hearted cactus.
Go over big rock and the cacti and you'll find the Elphiblah, Witch Toad. It does move so you'll have to find it for yourself.

You're surprised. Another talking frog?
Elphiblah tells you in no uncertain terms that no they are NOT a frog they are a toad.
You comment on them not being or looking like a witch. They also tell you that THEY are the grandest Witch in all the Toad Kingdom!

If you call Elphiblah a 'warty old witch toad' you'll get a surprise by having being sent away from Yellow Brick Isle, and you'll find out where to if you do.

Talk to Elphiblah about them putting a hex on Murigal. Turns out Elphiblah has hexed many frogs, so you tell her about Murigal and where she is. Yep! That rings a bell with
her. You however, want to help Murigal out of her problem and in doing so will help make her a bit quieter.

So what can you do to set her free? After all that is only the first step and finding her a prince is the next, which you don't think is possible in the second part of it, but Elphiblah has a plan and you agree to help her.
Geez what did we agree to? If we fail to live up to our word Elphiblah will put a hex on us too!
Elphiblah remembers a prince she had turned into a frog once, but she needs ingredients

Elphiblah will need one Moonbeam, one Silver Lining, one Obsidian Chunk, one Pumice Stone, one Pixie Dust, one 4 Leaf Clover, one Wishing Coin and a Bunch of Flies. That should do it for now for the potion.

Charles the frog is on a dinky isle with only a few ponds on it, which as it turns out is Loch Isle. The pond he's at the bottom pond, and yes you have to walk in it to find him. Turns out the he was searching for true love and also vex a witch who hexed him as well. Sound familiar?
Now to give this story a happy ending. Spray Charles with the love potion and then head back to Murigal with it and spray it on her too.

Well that didn't go exactly as planned. Better go talk to the witch -toad.
Elphiblah informs you that she helped you now you have to help her. She needs the 10 Royal Gemstones that Murigal had to make her wishes in her first quest to help with her magic.
Not that this quest has been easy so far, now it's become a bit more difficult.
You see, while talking to Murigal about handing over the gemstones, she admits that she doesn't have them and that she used them to wish to jump to other ponds.
But where exactly?
Well she didn't go to Jungle,and Ice, or Lava gave her nightmares
and she didn't go to any pond that she was at before, so that excludes Appleton, Quiet, Hoof, Flower, Cantle Meadows, Haven, Wington, Whorl, Tail, & Starfish
She will tell you where she has gone where she has gone with her jumping so listen closley. Between all the sobbing and hiccups, this frog has it bad.

You will have to dig to find the gems. Here are the locations I found them at:

1.Turtle Isle
2.Ring (the pond by the house where you first meet Murigal)
3.Yellow Brick Isle
4.Yellow Brick Isle
5.Equestrian Park (There's a pond in the cotton patch above the park the gem will be in the pond)
6.Earton (Fly N' Frog Game)
7.Pond across from Pryamid 2 on Desert Isle
8.Pond across from Pyramid 4 on Desert Isle
9.Torrid Isle
10.Witherton (The pond right after you get off the boat between the two trees)
*Alternate for two of the gems: one in the pond by the dead tree and one in the pond above
*Note: Both ponds on Desert are found on the grass on the very southern part of Desert Isle.*

Now, return to Elphiblah with the 10 gems. Give Elphiblah the gems and they'll give you a key telling you in no uncertain terms to "get outta there or they'll put a hex on you!"
No thank you! I'm outta there fast! Return to Murigal with the key.
She's excited and worried at the same she time. Excited she'll be free to find her true love but a bit worried that when he kisses her if she'll turn back into a princess or not.
Once you tell her what Charles looks like, you have to remind her that hey, you wanted to find your true love by kissing frogs in the first place, right?
Great. Now there's a problem. The reward. Murigal poofed away without giving us one.
Go back and talk to Gnetta. Yea the grumpy fairie you gotta talk to once more. Talk to her about the noisy frog. She seems pleasantly surprised that Murigal isn't making noise anymore and gives you 10 diamonds.
Now off to find Murigal!
Talking to Murigal she realizes that she's never really thanked you for helping her out.
So to thanks you for all the work you did in freeing her and helpingnd her her find her true love, she gives you a nice reward.

Reward: 7 Diamond Necklaces, 10 Ruby Necklaces and 250 QP

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