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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Gnorman's Gnome Project
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 31 2015 9:20pm
Gnorman's Gnome Project (Mane Isle):
I found him down almost by the tip of Mane between the two single palm trees, but you may have to grid the isle on the southern part as he does tend to wander a bit.
Talk to Gnorman. Tell him his brother sent you and that he says "HI"
Ak him to tell you a bit about himslef
He tells you "I am the Great Grand Poobah Wizard Gnome Caretaker of Gnome Man's Land, Grand Landscaper of the Past Its Prime Forest, Zen Master Raker of the Sea of Sand and Expert Thorn Remover of Prickly Spit." Whatever the heck that is!
Ask him if there are any more Gnomes on the Isle. Maybe he says, you could help him. Oh geez here we go again. Since you're so nice to help out, ask him why not? You have spare time.
What he needs is two garden gnomes and two sneezes of leprachaun magic. Talk to Fergus on Flower for the magic, which he will give you for free, and you can find the garden gnomes on Dolphin Isle. Head back to Mane with the stuff. He'll be pleased you got it for him!
Reward: 35 red pine cones and 125 QP
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 31 2015 9:23pm
Thanks you! :)

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