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REPLY: (by NightMare) Sep 20 2013 10:29am
Please remember to not be too overly strict with the players, they for the most part, are kids. As long as the content is ok, there is no entry fee and it's in the proper
Players may have contests, they may give prizes they may basically do whatever they wish as long as there is No entry fee.

If they don't give out prizes, others may file reports if they wish, but basically it's no big deal since nothing was lost by other players, so no scamming. As long as they advertise in ads chat, and then keep the contest in chat here, buddy or pm, it's fine.

We do not need to monitor these, if players have a problem with a contest, just have them file an abuse report.

Same thing with releasing, they can release a horse if they want to. They may have releasing parties if they wish, as long as they are not advertised and they keep them in chat here, buddy or pm only then fine. They may not require others to release, no fees... other than that, they may do whatever they wish with the release parties. If there are problems, the players may file abuse reports.

And again, we don't need to monitor these, basically we shouldn't even know if there is a releasing party happeneing. *laughing out loud!* :S

If players fuss about a contest or party, have them file a report and drop it. Mute if they don't drop it for 5 minutes or so...

These are really not important. If they want to play around with contests or whatever they may. *laughing out loud!* :)
chat channels, then basically ignore the contest. :)

Basically we make sure the rules are followed, but not by being nitpicky or overly strict and ticking off the kids. *laughing out loud!* :)

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