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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Quick question about profiles
REPLY: (by SuperBetta) Jul 6 2010 1:07pm
if we pm someone that something in their profile needs changed and they just don't respond but yet after 10 minutes haven't idled out, do you just remove the profile or trying PMing until they answer?

i did get ahold of them the second PM, but for future reference?

I guess my question is how long should you wait before just removing the profile if they are blatantly ignoring you?
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jul 6 2010 2:28pm
I will ask a player to change their profile, leave it up so I can remove it if they suddenly log off... I usually give them 5 minutes unless I think they are in a competition or something, then I give longer. Then if they don't reply to me and log off, or if they haven't removed it then I remove it.

Basically they are supposed to know the rules and not even have inappropriate stuff on their profiles. I do like to ask them to remove it, and explain why as it's nicer and hopefully if they understand they won't put it right back up. *laughing out loud!*

But if they choose to ignore them I remove. I usually give the 5 minutes, that's plenty long enough to delete something. If they need longer they can ask for a few extra minutes. I do tell them after the removal request that they have 5 minutes.
REPLY: (by SuperBetta) Jul 6 2010 4:23pm
okay thanks :D

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