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REPLY: (by Piper) May 2 2020 6:32pm
Mandy's Missing Socks (Tail/Polar/Jungle Isle):
Go to Mandy on Tail Isle and talk to her about Heather and her trip to the Jungle. It was traumatizing for the poor girl to say the least and Mandy has heard of a doll maker over on Polar.
Well, we're off to Polar to visit Kelda to see if she'll sell us one.
Well, no she won't, but here's what she needs you to do. Turns out that she's out of the supplies she needs for it, so you need to go seethese people on Jungle for the supplies.
All the people that you need to talk to are on Jungle Isle so no island hopping to get stuff from other NPC's. ;-)
Talk to Xamba for the nesting forms.
He won't need anthing since he already just got some brought into him. he'll tell you they'll be ready in a couple days..which actually means "talk to me in a bit" and come back. He'll give them to you at no charge.
Talk to Smiddy Jones about the gold leaf. He needs 3 iron ore and he'll make you the gold leaf with a warning to be careful with it so it doesn't blow out of your hand.
Finally talk to a bug collector about colourful beetle shells. That would be Flicka over on Jungle Isle. Her hut is by the entrance of where Jungle Temple 1 is located at.
Talk to her about Kelda, Stacie and the bettles and she'll donate you the shells.
Bring it all back to Kelda on Polar and let her put ot all together and paint them. Go back to her three times and she'll notice that patience is not your strong suit. Go back to her a fourth time. She'll have the doll set ready for you.
Pay her $2500 for the doll set and agree to tell Kelda how Stacie liked it when you're back in the area. Take it back to Mandy on Tail isle. Give the set to Stacie and then talk to Mandy again.
Reward: 50k and 150 QP
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) May 3 2020 1:04pm
Thanks Piper!
REPLY: (by Piper) May 3 2020 3:38pm
DP ...mistake on title.
Should be Mandy's Gift Idea.
Sorry about the screw up.

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