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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Curtis' Broken Fiddle Bow (Hare Isle)
REPLY: (by Piper) Mar 24 2020 6:53am
Curtis' Broken Fiddle Bow (Hare Isle):
Curtis resides in the same house as Joanna.
You find out from him that he broke his fiddle bow. In talking to him you find out that it can't be bought at at store but would need to be fixed instead. Well now, You travel a lot but who would fix bows? No one that you can think of off hand. Why is it I feel I'm going to have to travel to get it fixed?
Well our travel will take us to Crystallton. Talk to Donna there. You learn that she stables white horses ( of course native to the cold) and they have the best white hairi for the bows! Who knew? So off we go to Crystallton.
Donna Hayes is in the barn. Talk to her about fixing the bow for Curtis. While she's doing that you can talk to some residents for fun or just talk to her to see if its done. There won't be any charge for it and she's already put resin of it, so just take it back to Curtis.
Curtis is so happy to get it back that he can't wait to play his music!
Reward: 17 Dinosaur Bones and 50 QP
REPLY: (by Desertmorn) Apr 11 2020 5:45pm
Thank you for always being willing to share your solutions!
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Apr 12 2020 1:33pm
Thanks, Piper!
REPLY: (by Piper) May 2 2020 11:21am
Always a pleasure! Keep in mind if you do have the old MMRB book to please update it with the quests from here for now.
I may have to send it in a couple parts to Miranda or see if I have to send it in a zip format. I am working on finding out which quests are missing from the old one so please be patient.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves!

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