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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: MGQ Frank’s Mysterious Catch
REPLY: (by Piper) Jan 20 2019 8:04pm
MGQ Frank’s Mysterious Catch (Appleton/Cloud):

Start this quest by talking with Hedda in the Appleton Inn and she will send you to Frank, the Fish Shop Owner, in Appleton. He gives you coordinates which you're supposed to have a map for. Anyways, without the map you're gonna be lost. So if you want to make yourself the map go talk to Karta on Jungle and she tells you to go search the tall rock East of her for the directions because she's carved it into the stone.

Just a note for you: This does take you to Cloud so when you get there yo may want to rent a Uni or UniPeg Which ever is to your liking. I didn't have one so I had to go back to Winchell a couple of times with the giant coconuts, which was a pain.

Thoe stone is literrally a hop skip and jump to the east (right) with some trees surrounding it
Youll find this on it.

Compass to Clouds & fold in 1/2 again 2x. Open to start again
Pirate’s Hat to Compass, fold in 1/2 again once more. Against a light
map’s backside to you, Clouds on bottom right. Epicenter is #zero
number vertex from center out.

You'll then need to go find Contrary Larry on Cloud Isle, he wanders around the trees east of Peter, the Pumpkin Eater. Lary does move around a bit but not much Which I am thankful for!

He'll tell you his garden keeps falling through the clouds. If you go to where the balloon drops you off at cloud from Jungle, theres a little grove of three trees above the road. You need to dig right below the smaller tree on the right. It will take you to another isle, You'll find a colorful list of characters there. Bruiser, Blaze, Quackers, Curlicue. However you will need to wander around until you talk to Theodosia, Ricochet, and then Mr. Poppers.

After you've talked to them head back to Contrary Larry and tell him why it happened and make a suggestion. He'll give you 25 Moonbeams and 25 Silver Linings Go back and tell Frank what you have found.
Reward:12 Large Fish, 50,000 and 150 quest points.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jan 21 2019 4:53pm
Thanks again! :)

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