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REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 2 2018 9:52pm
MGQ- Belwyn's Revenge (Igenous Isle):

When you first land on Igneous, if you're riding dismount and walk six steps to the right and one down and use your shovel to find a small chest. Talk to Cupid just north for any suggestions. He tells you of a mage on Magma Isle. Go to the volcano on the left side of the island and wander around it until you find Oddly. Unfortunately, he does wander, but you will find him within a relatively small radius, so he shouldn’t be too hard to find. Listen to Oddly’s long winded story and then ask him to send you to Tephra Isle. He also tells you that you can dig at the southeast corner of the isle to get back to Magma. Belwyn seems to hang out in the same spot, so he gives you a list of bizarre things to pick up:

1 Garden Gnome
1 Pinch of Pixie Dust
3 Chunks of Obsidian
1 Bunch of Flies
7 Marshmallows
3 Bananas
1 Owl
Flamingos can be found around Wington and owls can be bought at the pet shop there. The gnomes you can find on Dolphin Isle around the houses and the flies are found around mud holes. Why he's need them is beyond me! Bananas can be bought in the food store on Jungle Isle. Return to Belwyn; unless you have a Uni/Peg you’ll have to find Oddly again. After delivering everything to him, he asks you to take something to Hyrokkin, the Sea Hag who is on the southern part of Berg Isle. Apparently he sent her the gift of penitence. Return to Belwyn and tell him what her reaction was. Map Graph Quest - Belwyn's Revenge! You earned $125,000 and 100 QP
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 17 2018 12:38pm

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