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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Cerise & The Swamp Stench
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 2 2018 3:35pm
Cerise & The Swamp Stench (Tropicton/Jungle Isle):
Cerise is the Produce Manager at the Tropicton Food Store. You learn that Nana needed help in the store. Obviously Nana had a hard time tracking her down. Now why would that be?
Well, no wonder she had a hard time! Cerise was off island hopping and been to all sorts of places until she's here. In fact, she doesn't plan to stay in one place for too long.
Seeing all kinds of different fruits in her travels made her convince Nana to 'broaden her horizon' as they say.
Well as you are low on cash and need and odd job to do Cerise could actually use your help!
Nana's upset because the change in the wind, blew in and odor that came from the swamp, a most hideous smell, and it isn't good for business. Cerise has been too busy to check if something has been rotting in the swamp, so will you do it?
A couple steps west of the mini game is where I found Moldy Socks Festus, Swamp Mage of Jungle Isle. Wow! Big name and long title! For now we'll call him Moldy Socks. Now he does move around a bit so the next time you go to find him, he may be a few steps away from where he was, but he's always near the swamp area.
Mody Socks wants your help. you tell him you need his help in getting rid of the stinky smell, and he locks his lips. Ok, well then fine, I'll leave. That gets his attention. Now you need information from him about the stinky smell and he need your help.
Now he wants you to help him with his bird..the crow.
For one, he's stiff as aboard.
Doesn't squeak a peep
Doesn't blink his eye or peck the wizards cheek ( ok whatever)
After a bit of talking you finally got him to tell you where he buried it. Between two swamp trees.
After you find it go back to him to find out what caused it was a spell that backfired. Great. Now you have to deordorize it. But with what? Talk to Cerise about it and then Talk to Smiddy Jones the blacksmith. He'll give you Charcoal powder.
Use your mag glass in the swamp to find the locations where the sludge is and when you find one dig. You'll eventually find it and then put the charcoal in that nasty smelly area. Go back to Cerise to let her know about the stench and that it's gone.
You Completed Cerise & The Swamp Stench Quest. You earned $10,000, 35 Giant Coconuts and 50 quest points.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 17 2018 12:35pm

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