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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Moldy Socks & The 3 Dares
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 2 2018 3:22pm
Moldy Socks & The 3 Dares (Tropicton Swamp/Yellow Brick Isle): Pre Req Cerise and the Swamp Stench
In order to start this quest you will have to complete Cerise & the Swamp Stench first.
After that's finished, Talk to Moldy Socks again to start this quest.
He sends you to see a witch toad that put this hex on his raven to get a potion to remove it. Go to Yellow Brick Isle and talk to Elphiblah. She's on the Western sideof the isle by the rocks and cacti. Be warned, she does move around so to find her faster, get off your horse and do it.
You tell her that you need her help because you don't want to vex a wizard so he'll hex you. As she puts it, you are in a pickle. What you want is a reversal potion for his raven.
Sure you can get the potion from her. You just have to do a few things is all. Why did I see this coming? There's always a catch.
She calls it The Three Dares. If you don't finish is, well you won't like the penalty.
Elphiblah: The first dare - to bring me physical proof that the legend of a frightful most hideous beast is more than just foolish chatter.
The second dare - to fetch me a skein of the silken strands of a most accomplished spinner.
And lastly, the third dare - to present me with a rare and magical gryphon's egg.
After you get all three items. bring them back to Elphiblah. talk with her about the potion and do be nice in asking for it.
Bring the potion to Moldy Socks and give it to him.
Oh great! Now he disappeared! Better go find him so we can get our reward.
You will have to search for him as he may not be in the same place but for me he was in the middle part of the swamp on the eastern side. Talk to him and get your reward.
Reward: Elephant Calf and 200 QP
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 2 2018 3:39pm
I forgot to say this. For the 3 dares visit Grendel, Elvira and the go to Basalt and rake for an egg in the top most cave. You'll get 7 shards. Then to go see Lesia and she will fix it for you at no cost.
REPLY: (by CollieMom) Dec 2 2018 5:23pm
Also, for the second dare, Elvira needs 24 Pixie Dust and 12 Silver Linings to make the skein of silken stands. :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 17 2018 12:37pm

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