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REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 1 2018 3:17pm
Go to Crossbones and Talk to Smelly Toes the pirate to ses how he's doing, I mean it has been awhile after all since the last quest that you've seen him and you've noticed that he's an artist now too!
Turns out he's rather proud of his work but as usual, he needs a favor. Why does this not surprise me? Well, seems like he's got hundreds of bug bites that are literally itching him to no end. Agree to help him and hurry to get him some relief soon! His artwork is suffering for it too, not to mention him!
Go back to Smelly Toes after doing some thinking, and ask if he'd be okay with the solution you have. Well. what is it? Chickens! Yep you heard right Chickens! It seems that Jocosa has chickens that love to eat sand fleas.
Oh no! Smelly want to eat the chicken? No we want the chicken there to give him relief from the sand fleas so he and his art don't suffer anymore than it has to.
Don't bother going to Dog Isle to talk to Jocosa. She won't say a thing to you except "I'm collecting seashells by the seashore, kicking up the seashore sand! "
Go to Bird Isle instead and Talk to Kay at the pet shop. Mention the chickens you ordered for Jocosa and that another person needs some for sand fleas as well, but that they live on Pirate Isle makes a bug difference when you tell her that.
Ok. First she tells you about the different feed and that you'll need supplemental feed for your chickens and also that we'd be better off with a different breed than what Jocosa got. She tells us that we need the Partridge Penedesenca, how they're small, heat-hardy and alert. There is one catch and I hate catches.
Ok, so this breed is making a comeback, however all she has are baby chicks which are well, pricy. $2300 for half a dozen chicks and $200 for a large bag of chicken food. Take them back to Smelly Toe's who is as happy as can be with his little guests and gives you a nice reward!
Reward: 4 Diamond Necklaces, the bag of 'worthless glitter' held 37 Wishing Coins and 35 QP!
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 17 2018 12:33pm

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