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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Postmaster's Mystery Delivery (Horse Isle ):Mane Forest
REPLY: (by Piper) Nov 30 2018 8:00pm
This was probably one of the longest quests I have ever done. After doing 50+ deliveries, you’ll have the option to ask the Postmaster why he looks so confused. He’ll tell you that a mysterious letter showed up with no information on it. Ok, so now I feel a quest coming on here. Then he tells you to take it up to Michaela in Earton. Head up to the library and ask her what’s up. She sends you off to someone on Jungle Isle…with the only information being that the name probably starts with a ‘K’. Head down to southern Jungle Isle to find Karta She's east of Jungle temple 2 and does move around so she never stays in one spot, which is annoying. She tells you to fold the map according to the directions in the mysterious letter, and then tells you how mathematical quadrants work, which actually confused me. You may have to print out a picture of the Horseisle map and fold it up. When you go straight down from the sign in Mane Forest by the ranches, you'll hit a pine tree. Go two steps east of the tree (by the Pawneers) and dig. You’ll end up shattering a jewelry box with 5 Diamond Necklaces in it, so return to the Postmaster now.
Reward; $100,000 and 100 quest points.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 17 2018 12:32pm
Thanks Piper! :)

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