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REPLY: (by Piper) May 3 2018 9:15pm
Oh my gosh! I can't wait till the 23rd of May! Why? Because my fiance and I are driving down to Missouri to spend a few relaxing days at a them park, going on rides, eating food, buying things to bring home, etc.

Hopefully we won't get stuck behind the guy with the boat like we did last year! Every time that we took an exit to eat or get gas, we;d be good, until we got back on the road and who would we see about ten minutes later pulling up in front of us from an exit to get back on the same highway? The guy with the boat.
Happened all the way down to out destination!
It was too funny! Anyways, 20 days and counting. No worries though. I am taking my laptop with me like I did last year so I can log in every once in awhile to HI and see what's going on!

Catch ya later!
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) May 4 2018 11:39am
*laughing out loud!* Enjoy Piper! :)
REPLY: (by Piper) May 27 2018 2:02pm
Well, we left here last Wednesday to go down to MO around 8am in the morning. Along the way we had some stops both to eat and at rest stops to get out and stretch.
We made it down there (going around the road construction of course)in due time and got there around 10:45 pm
Thankfully the office closed at 11 so we made it just in time!
Thursday we went to the theme park to ride the rides and pig out on the food.
It was going good till one of the rides we wanted to go on was shut down (along with some of the other bigger rides) due to lightning in the area just 10 miles SW of us.
You wouldn't have even known it being it was a bright sunny day too, but they weren't taking no chances.
About an hour and half later it was up and running again along with the other rides. Since we didn't go on any water rides that day we planned to go then next day.
Our last day at the Theme park on Friday, I told him I was getting hot and wanted to go on one of the water rides. So as we are heading up to where the ride entrance is the guys sayss "I'll save you few steps. The rides closed. The brakes aren't working on the ride so they shut it down, they don't want anyone getting hurt." Great, I thought. That was the second ride tht was shut down that day. The first one was a coaster ride and we had to wait about 10 minutes before we could get on it. They were sending the empty cars through because one of the employees heard it make a sound that it hadn't before and they were sending out the mechanics to look at it. We did get to go on that one, but after being turned away from the water ride, the inevitable happens. It begins to rain, and I mean pour! So then AL
L the rides are closed, everyone is headed for the gates and the souvenir shop and to pick up their gifts that they had bought that day at the park.
We were talking to one family while waiting for our bus only to find out that they'd been there all week, from Sunday and were leaving Saturday.
We left Saturday morning and did some sightseeing before really leaving. Finally got on the road a bit after 1pm and got home round 3:30am One heck of a long day being up. 'of course,all that pop helped too.
Now I'm just being lazy and resting up today.
Catch ya'll later!!

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