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REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 27 2017 8:21pm
Talk to Vega and they invite you to join them for a bite to eat since they're already going to sit down to eat soon. You however, decide to pass and hope that you can find some errands to run for them to earn some money.
Well, she just used the last of her corn husks in making her tamales. You'd need to ask Bettina for them and to add it to her monthly list.
She explains that since the isle is a bit toother from the other isles, they try to be self-suffficient, but then there are thing that they need from other isles so Bettina keeps a running list and about once a month someone will stop by to do their shopping.
So, back to the corn husks. She wants six dozen of them and Bettina can tell you where to get them from. Since the grocery deliveries were made, no worries about that.
Bettina owns the Howling Moon Boutique on Dog Isle.
Talk to her about information on the shopping list and what it might pay. Go talk to the people on the island to see what they might need and bring the list back to Benitta.
Once you're done talking to all of them ( and make sure you find the gal on the shore by the dog's nose, who does wander by the way), take the list to Bettina for her to look over.

Here's our shopping list:
Isaac - 2 dozen oyster shells---Rocco Shale
Vega - 6 dozen corn husks---Ben Burlap, General Store in Tropicton, Jungle Isle
Twyla - oil of orange---Charla Mae in Hotton
Ociel - book on clouds - Shellton Library
Ociel - 2 bags of popcorn for his wife -- Wington, Bird Isle
Jocosa - 3 Minorca Chickens --Wington Pet Store, Talk to owner
By the way, you want to make sure everyone initials the list upon delivery of their order. (Bettina looks over your shopping list.) Rocco loves eating oysters. Ben up north carries corn husks. Ociel told you where to get the book. The rest should be easy enough to find. (She hands back the list.)

Double palm southeast of rock shop on the south side. I found the first one there with my mag glass, then raked there four more times to find some more.
Go one step south and rake again for four more. You should have 9 by now.
Two steps south of the rock shop, rake up 3 more. Ok! We got 1 dozen, just one more to go! We can do this!

Go one step to the west and rake up 5 more! Hey we're up to 17! Just 7 more to go!
Go one step south again and uncover 2 more by raking.
Go west and one step south. Rake there to uncover another 3 oyster shells! Two more to go!
Southwest of the rockshop on thebeach is a single palm tree. Stand south of it on the beach and rake for 1 oyster shell
Down to the last one! Stand south of the single palm tree and move one step east. Rake for your final oyster shell!
Phew! What a workout that was!

For the last thing you need is the chickens. Go to the Wington pet shop and talk to Kay. She tells you that she has to order the birds and that it might be a few days. Talk to her a second time , and isn't that great timing! They've been dropped off and all you gotta do now is pay for them. That's gonna cost you $1200 for them, two chickens and a rooster.

Deliver the items to the folks on Dog Isle. They'll give you money for it.
Ociel, the Clouds Book and 2 bags of Popcorn. You were paid $2,000.
Corn Husks to Vega and received $2500.
You delivered the Oil of Orange Peel to Twyla and received $1900.
You gave Isaac 2 dozen Oyster Shells. You were given $4000.
You gave Jocosa a Crate of Minorca Fowl. You were paid $5000.

Finally stop by Bettina's again for her to put that list into her log, and for your reward.
Reward: 125k and 100 QP
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 27 2017 8:25pm
Vega is located on Dog Isle
REPLY: (by Desertmorn) Dec 25 2018 10:30pm
I absolutely love the way you share the quests!

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