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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Back fom vacation!
REPLY: (by Piper) Sep 4 2017 7:19am
oh my gosh! Four days of away time from the people here at home! The first day we left around 9:30 am on Wenesday and drove down to Missouri. We got there around 10:30pm and they told my bf that they'd leave the keys for him and to settle up in the morning which we did.
The next day we caught the shuttle bus to Silver Dollar City which is a HUGE Theme/Amusement park! You should see all the roller coasters they have there! One is called Wildfire, which I said I'm never going on again! It's got 3 loops on it. the first one is a regular one and the last two turn the car sideways one way the upsidedown and turned on the side again. Thought I was gonna puke on the ride! Look it up on google. I went on other rides too that I'd go on again, but my boyfriend said he wouldn't go on The Lost River of The Ozarks again..got to wet on it! It's a big inner tube ride that holds about 6-8 people. I got the back of my shirt soaked, my shoes and socks totally soaked, my shorts were wet and I wanted to ride it again! Maybe next year, right?
I love rides like that! Coming back we stopped at the Titanic Museum went through there, then found a place to eat and was on our way back home. My GPS said we'd be home around 1:15 am..(it lied) We made 2 stops for gas and 1 rest stop so then it said 2:15am. (lied)) We got back at 3am!
Now I'm back and have to get into my daily rut of things.
Hope to see you all on HI!
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Sep 4 2017 12:03pm
Welcome back. Glad you had fun! :)

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