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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Time off for awhile
REPLY: (by Piper) Aug 26 2017 11:54pm
I may be taking some time off for awhile.
I found out that a friend and retired pastor that I'd known as a kid, passed away recently, and just this Wednesday, so did my cousin that I celebrated me birthday with. I was literally born on his birthday so we were "birthday cousins". That plus the fact that I will be in MO for a few days as well. My boyfriend and I are driving down there this coming Wednesday, I told him that we're gonna have to stop at every McDonalds on the way down for some frappes for me in order for me to stay awake! We'll have about a 10 hour drive down there, and we come back on Saturday (another 10 hour drive back!)
I'll let you know all about the trip when I get back!
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Aug 27 2017 12:43pm
{hugs} I'm so very sorry for your loss!

Hang in there.
REPLY: (by Piper) Aug 27 2017 7:21pm
Thanks DP! Everyone here on Hi is like family to me. Those words of encouragement mean a lot to me at this time. =)
Hope to see you on HI!
Pipsy =)

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