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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: [Game Forum] 'Releasing horses: harassment '
REPLY: (by AppleBay) Jul 27 2017 7:45am
Hey DP!
I'm sure you've already done your forum rounds before coming here, but thought I'd bring this topic here too. Hope you don't think I've thrown you under the bus but I said I'd send you over to the forum to have some Admin insight *laughing out loud!*

Also, the post I deleted was this one:

"REPLY: (by Cresselia) Jul 27 2017 4:06am
Well has anyone seen the player Amy's profile? She even states that she collects fail AMs and TBs (popular, valuable breeds) to release with the sole purpose of making people angry. So I think it needs be to handled accordingly or like Octopus says, done away with altogether. Releasing is pointless"

as they mentioned another user. Thought it may lead to a witch hunt if this releasing business is becoming an issue, and if indeed Amy does have this in profile, might need some attention :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jul 27 2017 3:10pm
Thanks, I posted in the thread.

Basically it's allowed Unless... They are truly releasing like 20, 30 or more horses at a time, then it's a perm ban as it can crash the game.

If it's just a few horses, it's allowed. If she want's to be nasty ok... It's not against the rules to be able to release horses. Released horses time out and auto-delete in 1 hour so they won't be around for very long.

If she is rude about it in chat then violations can be assigned. If she does it all the time, a 1 point violation could possibly be given for ruining the fun for others. But I doubt it would carry much weight...

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