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REPLY: (by Piper) Jun 10 2017 8:51am
Ok, this was way too cool for me last week! One of the case managers asked me if I'd come in on Wednesday, my day off around 1pm. When I asked why, she said that a federal judge was coming to visit where we worked and she'd like me to interview him for our newsletter that our group puts out every three months. Talk about pressure! This was on Tuesday and I had to come up with questions by Wednesday afternoon!
I went out to lunch with some friends and around 12:30 they dropped me off at work. I was so nervous that my knees were shaking and so were my hands!
Once he got there though, All my fears vanished, and sure there was a photographer/reporter there too from the local paper which the article ended up in along with a few pictures, one including me and the judge!

Forward to this week. I called my sister in NC that I stayed with during Christmas and told her that I was in last weeks paper. Her smart response, "What did you do, get arrested?" Only sisters can say such things on the phone. *laughing out loud!* No, I told her, and later I sent her the article. Too funny, and too cool to be in the paper with a picture of a judge!
REPLY: (by Everlend) Jun 11 2017 8:39pm
*laughing out loud!*...My sister would have said the same thing!!!! Way to go for being in the paper! That's totally rad :)!

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