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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Crazy Eddie's Octopus Rescue (Crazy Eddie Isle):
REPLY: (by Piper) Jun 7 2017 8:50pm
Crazy Eddie has a problem with critters on his Isle.
some baby octopuses are stranded here. Just happened to be a big storm and it rained and some driftwood got washed ashore, and then there were these baby octopuses in it.
So what does he need you to do? He needs you to catch them of course!
He's looked everywhere to no avail and he doesn't know where they are. He's worried that if a rat gets on the island that it could eat the babies. He wants you to cath them so he can release them back into the ocean.

Use your Mag glass to find them
1. Baby octopus under double palm tree
2. Baby octopus two steps south of first one.
3. Baby octopus under single palm tree
4. Baby octopus found on driftwood under single palm tree.

Bring them Back to Crazy Eddie.
Reward: You earned 50 Giant Coconuts and 30 QP

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