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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Baba Yaga's Borscht (Jungle):
REPLY: (by Piper) Jun 7 2017 8:26pm
Baby Yaga's house is southeast of Jungle Temple #15 in the maze above Kylie

Start by asking baby Yaga if she's the cruel with you've heard about. As long as you are there you may as well ask if she needs any help with anything. After all it is a good way to make money, right?
Well what Baby Yaga wants or desires is Borscht.
Borscht just happens to be a stew, soup or broth of beets.
So she needs beets right? Well yes, beets and potatoes, onions, cabbage and don't forget the sour cream!
So you'll need Four beets, three carrots, two potatoes, and onion and a head of cabbage.
Where do we get all this? Well you will have to get the potatoes and beets from the community garden on Bird Isle, but in order to do that you will have to talk to Zachava first. Ask her also where to obtain the onion, cabbage, carrots and sour cream. The onion and cabbage she tells you William has at the Inn, and the carrots you can get from Candence's garden.
The sour cream, she can't remember exactly which sister on Jungle makes it, she questions if it's Cookie but says that one of them does.
Talk to Cinnamon on Jungle and she will tell you that she just made a fresh batch and that she will sell some to you for $100. Buy the sour cream, and take it with all the vegetables back to Baby Yaga.
She's pleased with the ingredients that you brought her.

Reward:20 Dinosaur Bones, a Badger and 105 QP
REPLY: (by Piper) Jun 9 2017 9:57pm
Please correct the typos from Baby Yaga to Baba Yaga.
I was typing it late one night on my PC and am not used to the keyboard on my pc yet again. I so need a laptop again! Please make the corrections and as always, enjoy the notes!

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