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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Scar-Nose Pete’s TGPBTP Quest (Skull/Lava)
REPLY: (by Piper) Jun 7 2017 4:43pm
Scar-Nose Pete’s TGPBTP Quest (Pirate:Skull/Lava):
To find Scar-Nose Pete you may want to map him in the library first. He's on Pirate Isle on the Skull side. Look up on top of the Skull's forehead and you will find him in the rowboat going to a pirate ship.

Before you start talking to him , you notice that he has a scar on his nose, and when he asks you about you looking at it, change the subject quick as you wouldnn't want having a few cuts on yourself.

Well it seem he was on this adventure when a huge wave hit his ship and smashed it, leaving nothing of it and he was drifting for days. Then Barbossa found him, which he tells you that he wasn't the best company but I guess pirates can't be picky about that can they? When they washed up here on Skull, that's when he saw that Barbossa had a secret and that it had to do with the TGPBTP.
What's that you ask? Good question!
TGPBTP just happens to be The Great Pirate Buried Treasure Puzzler!
Scar-Nose Pete tells you this about it:
"The tale be long and twisted Matey.
'Bout travels far and riches deep and a
Cap'n who be so legendary he be as close to mythical..as..as..well, mythical.
He hid seven treasures. Then he scattered 19 pieces to a puzzle 'round the lands that ye got to gather up.
Barbossa gots the riddle that be the key to finding the puzzle pieces, so unless you get the bird to talk ye ain't gonna get the treasure."

Well now, how on earth do you trick this bird? Crackers? He doesn't look at all too friendly. Well Pete tells ya, Barbossa has a terrible sweet tooth and loves smores!
Now remember to have your pen and paper handy because he does not repeat the riddle.

Here's the riddle Barbossa gives you
Howler Hopper Yowler Splash
Ships debris hides clues of stash
Not burnt nor fluff these places be
Hidey holes for treasure keys.

Sure it doesn't make sense at first. However the first four are isles. They are Dog, Hare, Cat and Dolphin.
On each Isle you are looking for tiles, 19 tiles to be exact. Rake in the following locations on the floatsom to find them.

Dog-You'll find 3 here

Down by the mouth if the dog.
Beginning of the neck on the dog.
Around the back of the dogs neck by a single palm tree.

Hare-You'll find 3 here

Go down on the right side of the right ear and you'll find the first one above the double palm tree-right across from Dotti.
On the left side on the beach of Carrot run #3
Look for a palm tree east of Carrot run #3 and the floasom is south of it

Cat-You'll find 6 here

Between the ears.
above the double palms near the left ear.
Between the double and single palm trees on the left ear.
Tip of the left ear.
Go down the left side of the Cat till you come to a double palm. The floatsom is a few steps away from there.
South of a palm tree by the dock.

Dolphin-You'll find 7 here

Northeast of the mudhole of the General Store
West of the Welcome sign you'll see it on the beach
Coming up from the bottom of Dolphin Isle, on the right side you'll find 3 on the beach just waiting to be raked!
Two are east of the water fountain.

Return to Scar-Nose Pete with all of the 19 odd shaped tiles for him to decipher.
He then comes back to you with three anagrams.



Base Fox

Now alone they don't seem to make any sense until you unscramble them

Now you have Desert, Castle and SafeBox.

For this part of the quest, you'll need to get your shovel out and start digging! This is where your MMRB comes in handy now. Cause you're gonna have to go to all the locations on the sand castles and dig inside them. Once you get all the keys, go to Scar-Nose Pete again. He'll give you a bit of pirate lore to help ya out.
Here he gives you a lullabye or part of one that his mother sang to him.

A need for 3 of each the best
each padlocked hidden treasure chest
The denizens of labyrinth sleep
upon the pirates treasure keep

Now to our last place. One of the Isles we love to hate, Lava.

Go visit the dragons and ask them kindly to move aside while you dig for the treasure chest. There will be 7 in all, one in each dragon cave. After you have all the treasure chests, bring them back to Scar-Nose Pete, and he'll take them from you and bring them to the Cap'n. You'll get your reward the next day.
Talk to him again and remind him that you're there for your reward for the quest.

Reward: 50 Diamond Necklaces and 250 QP

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