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REPLY: (by Piper) Feb 25 2017 11:48am
A Delivery For Sundance (Mane Forest Pony Express/Torrid Isle):
To start this quest, you have to deliver a package from the Pony Express from the Postmaster General over by Mane Forest to Sundance on Torrid Isle.
Sundance is mappable so I suggest you do that before you start gridding the whole Isle looking for him, because after you tell him goodbye and try to move back to the same spot he was at before, good luck. He moves on you.
Chat with him a bit on how 'windy' it is there.
Give him the package from Pony Express.
Reward: A Diamond

Well now, after that is said and done, let's talk to him to see if he has any 'odd jobs' for us to do. Sundance: I do indeed! I'd like you to deliver something to my horse. He's the fastest horse around. Why, he is so fast, he can outrun the wind. He is so fast, the wind takes training lessons from him. He is SOOOO fast, if you blink your eyes, you'll miss him.
Turns out he's only that fast when he's being ridden..so fast that they'd stir up a whirlwind.
So its going to be a challenge to find him. What else is new?
So Hindsight is the horses name, but I wish Sundance would get to the point already!
Now to pick up the package from the vet in Tropicton.
And here's the clue for Hindsight:
Sundance: And for where you'll find Hindsight? He grazes in the grass that is soooo green, it makes Envy jealous! That'd be the grass between the desert and the sandcastle. Or there abouts.
Don't go to Desert isle or the Sand isles, I'll save you all that trouble for traveling. Hindsight is on Torrid Isle. Standing south of the Sandcastle walk down around the grassy area till you find him. He does move, but not far from his original spot. I found him south of the big rock and then 2 paces east of it the second time.
As soon as you give him the package, you're surprised that he eats it and hopes that was what Sundance wanted him to do with it.
Wouldn't it have been nice if only Sundance would've told us that Hindsight was on this isle to begin with? Oh wait that would've been way too easy then!
Ok, back to Sundance now!
Turns out that smelly stinky package was just was his horse needed to keep healthy!
Well aren't you glad that you got that delivered!
Reward: 4 Diamonds and 100 QP
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) May 6 2017 9:09pm
Thanks Piper, sorry I'm so late with this. *laughing out loud!*

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