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REPLY: (by Elanor) Feb 3 2017 4:15pm
I was on Pinto tonight and a player mentioned to me that Cat keeps bullying people, and she seemed to think it was getting pretty bad. She said it's continuing over onto social media as well with this player picking on the players who she's bullying in game. Apparently it is on a horse isle page, but I did tell her that there are a lot of unofficial social media pages, that are not linked to Horseisle, and there wasn't anything we could do about them really. I said the best way to tackle any rule breaking was for players to report any bullying or use the mute button, but I said I'd mention it anyway. She was really adamant that she didn't want people in game to know she'd complained, but I said it wouldn't go any further than here. I just thought I'd mention it, I don't know if there's any way you can check up on her chats, but hopefully one day player will make use of that handy mute button. XD
REPLY: (by Elanor) Feb 3 2017 4:37pm
Ancrath has also just messaged me about the same player, Cat. I told her to report the chat, she said it happened about an hour ago (game time right now is 8.32am) and she had logged out inbetween. I told her to report it anyway, and I'd let you know that I told her to file it incase the report is no good. I wasn't sure if it would work as she's been logged out, and it's over an hour ago. Hope this was ok! :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Feb 3 2017 5:01pm
I'll look into it a bit later. I need to fix dinner right now. *laughing out loud!*

Thanks :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Feb 3 2017 7:47pm
The only thing I see since and including last Sunday is polite chat.

What Ancrath is fussing about is Cat asked her to discuss issues directly with her instead of talking about it with buddies as they share some of the same buddies. It was a polite request. Ancrath is free to mute Cat or remove buddies, or whatever.

Players are welcome to file abuse reports if they feel they are being bullied, however it needs to be at that time if possible.

I did go back all the way to Sunday for the chat content, and no sign of bulling. If it's happening it was either a while back or off game.
REPLY: (by Elanor) Feb 11 2017 1:17pm
OK! Sorry to waste your time with it then!! If only players showed some common sense with things like this, grr! xx
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Feb 11 2017 9:56pm
No problem. :)

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