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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Karta's Missing Astrolabe
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 31 2016 11:21pm
Karta's Missing Astrolabe
You'll find her on the large rock pile east of Jungle cave 2. She may move around a bit but not by much.
After you startle Karta, talk to her and ask why she's here.
Well turns out she loves to create maps and documents of the places she visits.
Well, what's so interesting about this spot in the jungle? Well the deposits as she puts it, look like the constellation if you look close enough, but something is bothering her.
Her family heirloom, her astrolabe which was her great-grandfather's is now missing. Well, You're good at finding things! Why not help?
She tells you that she was east, but south mostly from here and at an odd area where you have to answer a clue to go through the jungle.
Sound familiar?
Search through the first area of Shwana's Jungle to find the astrolabe.
The answer is stream to get in there.
Use your rake and you'll find it soon enough.
Return with the astrolabe to Karta and get your reward!
Reward: A Binoculars, four Toucans and 50 QP

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