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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Demtrius' Treasure Riddle
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 15 2016 7:32pm
This quest took me awhile to do, sorry for the late post o

Demtrius' Treasure Riddle(Rider Isle):

Demetrius is the poet on Rider Isle. Talk to him about the quest. He'll give you his riddle and the first clue to start it.

(Demetrius' Riddle)

Placed in a hollow
A treasure you'll find
If the clues you follow.

(Demtrius' 1st Clue)
She studies the skies
She lives by the sea
On a slice of the moon
Is where she'll be

Crescent Isle
The first clue will take you to Crescent Isle. Talk to Luna about any riddles she may have found , and yes she has! She found one when she first moved ther, how odd.

Luna tells you the next clue.

In front of the tree
As far down as you go
There lies a secret
Buried below.

You'll find the clue buried on the top of the very southern tree on Cresent Isle.
Dig up the following clue.

Keeper of the aging
The equine dears
A place of sanctuary
With no worries or fears

Well this one takes you all the way to Half-Haven Isle
to where Ruthie lives.
Talk to Ruthie about the next clue. She says that the tree that had the clue is not there, but she did write it down, and does still have the copy of it.

Ruthie: Listen to this:
In between two trees
North of the pond
Look carefully to see.

This clue takes you to Haven Isle. Stand between the two trees above the pond and look west. use your mag glass for the clue. Darn! The wind tried to blow it away, but you grabbed it in time!

Queen of past
Asp caused grief
'Tween shrine of sand
and thirst relief.

Use your mag glass to find this clue on the east side of pyramid 4
Looking carefully at the stones of the pyramid, you discover some hieroglyphs. They show The Eye of Horus and the symbol for East.

Go east till you come to a pond surrounded by three trees, which by the way is only a hop away from the pyramid. Stand between them and the tree to the west and dig.

Go east till you come to a pond surrounded by three trees. Stand between them and the tree to the west and dig.
Time to get back to Demetrius with the news!

Demetrius is not at all pleased at you disturbing his book writing and tell you to keep the treasure and for you to go away.
Reward: 7 Emerald Necklaces , 5 Ruby Necklaces and 200 QP
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 17 2016 12:52pm
*Correction* On Crescent Isle on the southern tip of the isle where the palm tree is located, dig on the south side of it, not the northern side.

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