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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Going on Christmas Vacation to North Carolina
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 4 2016 6:12pm
Hey everyone! Just thought I'd let you know that if you don't see me on during the Christmas season, don't worry. I'll be headed down to North Carolina for a nice Christmas get-together with my sister and her family.I'll be leaving Minnesnowta, that land of ten billion flakes, on the 26th and be coming back on the 30th.
I'll try to bring some warmer weather back with me and leave the cold weather there. Think they'd like that?
Can't believe it's only 3 weeks till I leave! This'll be a lot of fun!
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 4 2016 9:32pm

Have a great Christmas! :)

65 deg. in So. Cal today. *laughing out loud!* Though it's going to get colder, should be in the mid to low 50's for the next week or so. To me, that's cold.
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 10 2016 3:44pm
DP! that's balmy fall weather for us! I'd love it! Sad to say that here its 16 with a low of 10. tomorrow they say it'll be 23 with a low of 9 and Monday 16 with a low of -6, although next Sunday looks worse. -1 for the high and -9 for the low.

Want to change weather? Cause I'll take yours any day!
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 24 2016 9:15pm
Two more days and I'm off to North Carolina! Some friends are already telling me to bring back warm weather with me! We'll see if the weatherman will let me! Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, and Happy New Year to all!
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 30 2016 5:48pm
Well, I'm back from NC! I loved the weather there and hated to leave it! It was in the 50's - 70's all the while I was there! Sad to say I couldn't bring it back with me. I did however have a great Christmas! Hope everyone here has an awesome New Year!

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