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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Dusty's Origami Dove--Quest Notes
REPLY: (by Piper) Nov 5 2016 10:09am
Dusty's Origami Dove(3rd Sand Isle/Art Isle)
Pre Req: Deliver Dusty's package from Pony Express

To start Dusty's quest, you must first deliver a package to him from Pony Express. Dusty will mention that it's from his brother that he hasn't heard from in years when he gives you the reward for delivering it.
You being the curious sort, stay of course and in the next conversation ask who is brother is, only to find out that it's Gritty and you already know that he lives on Art Isle! No matter. Wondering what's in the package you ask, and as he opens it he finds out it's a toy truck that Gritty took when he was young and he thought Gritty had thrown away.
Now he's asking you for a favor. Wonder what that might be? After all, Gritty is trying to make amends here. Dusty writes a letter and wants you to deliver it and comeback to tell him what his reaction was to it. After all he folded it in an origami shape!
Off to Art we go! Just to remind you, Gritty is on the sandy area of Art Isle.
Gritty loved it! He taught Dusty how to fold that origami dove! You couldn't believe it yourself when Gritty got all sentimental. You don't want other people to know that he even cried or hugged you (except Dusty of course), but you knew that the letter would touch him very deeply.
Dusty is very happy for all your help, and thanks just doesn't seem enough.
Reward: 20 Wishing Coins and 50QP

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