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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: An Accord with Scowlin' Sid
REPLY: (by Piper) Nov 2 2016 4:12pm
An Accord with Scowlin' Sid (Skull/Pirate):

Sid is over on Skull on Pirate Island.
He yells at you when you first come in. He doesn't seem happy to you at all. No duh on that! So, how can ya help him out? He tells you to get lost in his words, but you really want to help him.
Sid is really trying to make it clear to you to just LEAVE already, but as stubborn as you are, you aren't leaving till he tells you why he has a scowl on his face. Determined aren't you?
Well, The problem is simple! Sid has a scowl because he ain't no cowboy. His daddy and granddaddy were pirates. His family figured he should be one too but they never asked what he wanted to be and he wants to be a cowboy!
So why can't he be one? No cowboy boots on his feet! He doesn't just want any old cowboy boots, nope, he wants custom made ones like the real cowboys have.
Tell him you'll do it for 12 diamond necklaces in payment for the boots to which he readily agrees to.
Now to find who makes them.
Go see Hershel in Appleton. He'll need 15 pieces of leather and 7 leather strappings. Those can be found at the Hoof Isle General Store. Also, since this is a big job he'll also need to be paid $3,000. Why does that not surprise me?
Hershel also need Jojoba oil since he's run out of it, so you need to go to Su Comida on the 3rd Sand Isle to get it from. Su Cominda won't sell you the Jojoba oil, but she will give you some in exchange for your labor of finding 12 sage bundles for her.
Use your rake to find them. The locations are listed below.

2nd Sand Isle
One to the right of Odysseus' hut
North of the big cactus

On 3rd Sand Isle
North of Palia's tent
Above the skull

Dust Isle
Only one Sage bush there

Desert isle- Sandy Meadows

Sage by the twin trees
Above the skull
Above Alati's hut
Southwest of mandala's hut

The sage bush down from Pillan's tent
Above Ant hill 6
Kitty corner from Ant hill 5

Bring all the sage to Su Comida and she will give you the Jojoba oil in exchange for it.
Now, off to Appleton to see Hershel once more!
Hershel makes the boots and you pay him the $3000 for them. Hurry up now and get going to Skull now will you? You made a deal with a Scowlin' Sid for the boots that he pays ya 12 diamond necklaces for them!
Just your luck! When you get there with them what does he do? He tells you to go away! You remind him about the accord or agreement you made..the boots for the dozen necklaces!
Remind him that he wanted to be a cowboy and he wanted the boots to be one! Geez! What a fussbudget! The accord or agreement that you guys made is a pirates code of honor. He has to abide by it!

Now if that doesn't beat all! Sid told you all that so you'd leave him alone, not thinking you'd actually go through with it and get him the boots!
Sid does take them and notices that they are one nice pair of cowboy boots. However he doesn't have 12 diamond necklaces for your reward. Still it is a good one at that for all that traveling!
Reward: 10 Diamond necklaces and 150 QP

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