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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Rowdy's Missing Fishing Pole
REPLY: (by Piper) Oct 30 2016 9:38pm
Rowdy is a Farrier in Equestrian Park, just south of Mane Forest and the Whisperer.
Talk to Rowdy to see if he needs anything done such as errands, and guess what? He does!
You see, he was out fishing this morning and he snagged a huge bass fish which of course yanked the pole right out of his hands.
Well of course, he wasn't going into the water, not with his good chaps on to get it, but if you found it, well you'd be doing him a huge favor!
He tells you not to look in the pond but up north. There is one problem though. A heron swooped down and flew off with his pole.
Where in the cotton patch that bird landed he'll never know since he lost track of it.
After all, this fishing pole is a family heirloom!
So off we go to the cotton patch up north!
In the cotton patch, if you start on the left side of the dead tree and go up three steps you'll find it in that part of the cotton using your magnifying glass. Take it back to Rowdy.
Reward: $15,000 and 50 QP

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