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REPLY: (by Piper) Jun 21 2016 6:36pm
Talk to Mandy about Stacie's adventure in the jungle.
Mandy would like you to go to Polar and get a doll as a treat for Stacie since she had such a rough experience visiting her aunt Heather.
When you arrive on Polar, talk to Hanska, the toymaker if she can make you a doll. She can't but refers you to Kelda, her neighbor.
Kelda will make her a set of dolls that nest inside each one. She tells you what she will need for them.
Ebony nesting forms - don't worry, Xamba can make them
She'll need gold leaf- Talk to Smiddy Jones
Some colorful beetle shells- talk to a bug collector
Talk to Xamba on Jungle Isle. He lives over by Jungle Temple 5 and will make you the ebony nesting forms. Oh! Don't worry about the suplies, he already has what he needs. Just wait awhile and talk to him again and they'll be finished!
Onto Smiddy Jones! Talk to him to find out he only needs 3 gold ore to make the gold leaf with. Of course he'll have to pound it the old fashioned way..no new fangled machines for him yet.
Now to find the bug collector. You'll find Flicka on the small isle where Jungle Temple 1 is. Talk to her about the beetles. She'll give you some nice beetle shells. ( Good thing all of them live on Jungle!) Now back to Kelda with all of the stuff! Give the stuff to her and she said it'll be about a week till they're done.
Ask her once.. nope not yet but the small one is looking good.
The third one is looking good now with the painting and decorations on it..but still not done. sighs.
Now the fifth one is looking nice...please when will the set be done?
Talk to her one final time! They're done! YAY! Pay her the $2500 for the set. ( you didn't think she'd do all that painting and stuff for free now, did you?
Now bring it back to Stacie and she's thrilled!
Reward: 50,000 and 150 QP
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jun 22 2016 12:30pm

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