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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Leda Swann's Mechanical Birds
REPLY: (by Piper) Jan 2 2016 7:18pm
Leda is located at the General Store
Leda is a little over dressed for Crystalton winter and not at all used to the cold! In fact she's used to living over on Jungle Isle. Why in the world would she move here? Turns out she moved because of the comparing they did between her and her sister, but she misses the warmth, even if it is quiet. She misses the birds that she sees on the jungle.
Mention to her about building a bird aviary. She could have all her birds in there that she loves.
She disagrees, mentioning shipping the birds there along with their food.

Her idea. An aviary of clockwork birds. They don't have to be real, they can be her own inventions per say, but they'll move, chirp and sing like birds and be just as beautiful.

Of course you offer to help her out. Now why can't we ever to learn to keep our mouths shut? Oh yeah, we like helping..even if it takes awhile.
Of course she's thrilled.
First go to Turtle Isle and talk to Earl Bronze the farrier. He'll make the miniature girders, screws, mountings, etc.
He'll need 10 Copper ores and $5,000
Give him the coppers and money and he'll give you the stuff that Leda needs
Bring them back to her. Now she needs Mosquito netting to attach the feathers with
40 black feathers.
Talk to Ben Burlap at the General Store. The netting will cost you $560.
Bring both the feathers and netting to her.
Now it's back to Jungle..again! This time for hummingbird feathers.
Leda suggests that you talk to a local tribesman on Jungle about the hummingbird feathers.
Talk to Englo-mbe. He'll tell you to search around the walnut trees. Use your mag glass and walk around all the trees. Bring the feathers back to her.

One last thing! Why amy I not surprised? Now she wants 6 pearls. Give her the pearls and you get your reward!

Reward: You earned $75,000 and 200 quest points.

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