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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Oringo's Bell (Dog Isle):
REPLY: (by Piper) Dec 27 2015 10:23am
Oringo's Bell (Dog Isle):

To find Oringo's house go down the back of the dog till you see an entrance where a treehouse is. It's only a few steps in. That way you don't have to mess with the whole maze thing.

Go talk to Oringo. He's a bit miffed that you came in his door to his tree house without knocking first. You ask him why his house has no bell or door knocker. It turns out that he left his bell on his other house when he moved. The city folks moved to the isle and one night he hightailed it out of his house and left the bell behind, quiite by accident. The bell happened to be one from a shipwreck and he'd like to have it back.
Your task-to find the bell, but it may not be so simple as the storms may have knocked ot off of his previous house. He hasn't heard it ring for quite awhile.
His old house is on the northern most top of the isle (The top of the dogs head)

Use your mag glass and look around the house. Find the bell bracket and bring it back to Oringo.
Next go back to the same location again and this time use your rake to find the bell. Rake by the palm tree left of the house up there. (if you're standing underneath the palm tree, go one step or two to the west using your rake) The clapper is one or two steps short of the ear tip.
Return both to Oringo. Of course now during your talk, you say you might know someone who will do repairs for his bell. Talk to Smiddy Jones on Jungle. He doesn't do that kind of work but he refers you to Ignio. Ignio says someone on the main isle might do it. Talk to the black smith in Earton, he doesn't do it, so go to Appleton next. Yes a lot of trvelling. Arthur will refer you to Sandy Flint the rock shop guy on Appleton. Good thing I got a Uni for these quests so I can warop to the isles. Cuts down on travel money!
Talk to Sandy Flint at the Rock shop and he says he'll do it for $500.
Wait awhile and talk to him again. Take the repaired bell back to Oringo

Reward: You earned a Dinosaur Bone, a Leather Turquoise Necklace and 100 quest points
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 30 2015 8:44pm
Thanks! :)

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