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REPLY: (by Elanor) Jul 25 2015 4:16pm
I had this conversation with HoppingFrogz on Pinto today. I am pretty sure that she's making up this story, but I thought I'd put it here to make you guys aware in case it keeps going on/filters into global or etc. I know she has some stuff about health issues and etc in her profile. If she was in hospital with seizures and heart problems I'm not sure why she'd be on HI.

HoppingFrogz: I have a quick question...
HoppingFrogz: two actually
HoppingFrogz: ...
Elanor>HoppingFrogz: ok
HoppingFrogz: ok the first one. what should I do if I am so depressed that anything could happen?
Elanor>HoppingFrogz: You should get professional help, call a hotline etc?
Elanor>HoppingFrogz: :)
HoppingFrogz: ...ok if i can find someone that will actually want to deal with me....
HoppingFrogz: the second question. if you were straight up told you only had a day and a half to live if hospital treatments don't work, how would you feel?
Elanor>HoppingFrogz: Im sure if you go to professionals they will actually be trained to help people with depression and so on, so they would be more than happy to help you :)

HoppingFrogz: alright. thank Elanor... and I am in the hospital in case you were wondering... heart problems... and seizures
Elanor>HoppingFrogz: I can't really put myself into that situation, having never been in it
HoppingFrogz: *sighs* sorry elanor I have to go. my mother wants me. ill talk to you later ok
Elanor>HoppingFrogz: If you're at hospital as well, you should have staff on hand to ask for help with depression and etc :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jul 25 2015 6:50pm
Wow. Hopefully she is just attention seeking, but you handled that Very well! :)

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