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REPLY: (by Piper) Jun 30 2015 9:56pm
Yarn for Yolanda

Talk to Yolanda about her knitting pattern and find out its called Intarsia which uses different colors of yarn tha fit together and look inlaid each other. Kinda cool huh? Ask her if she needs more yarn. She tells you dhe's love some new yarn from her cousin Cecila who lives all the way over on Dog Isle. Her cousin has an alpaca herd, and the yarn that's made from the alpaca is softer. She wants one skein of yarn and gives you $5000 for travel money. Well, off to Dog Isle we go! In case any of you need a refresher go to Jungle-Vine and there's a boat at the bottom of Vine that goes to Dog.

Talk to Cecilia. You find out that her son Cobert wanders the isle and you'll have to talk to him about getting the fleece. Once you get it from him, she'll spin it into yarn for you. She'll need 3 clumps of white and 3 clumps of cream fleece and two of the silver. I found Colbert just northeast of the big rock, way almost to the bottom of Dog isle. Talk to Colbert about the fleece. There's one problem. The alpacas are shy and will only come if you have an alpaca treat, and then you have to pluck the fleese off of them fast!I Itzel on Yellow Brick Isle makes the treats. Now more travelling. Yay. Once you get to Yellow Brick Isle, Ask Illiana where Itzel is and she'll tell you on the beach west of there. Now as she roams she may not be in the same spot that I found her. I found in near the bottom corner on the west side of the beach. For the treats she'll need one bale of Daisy hay, two apples and three 4 leaf clovers to make 1 dozen treats and $200 for her labor.
Be warned they do move. So I'm not going to put the locations as they won't be the same for everyone. You'll have to find them all on your own but they are on the bottom isle of Dog in the grassy area.

The alpacas you will want are
Zenatta -cream fleece
Zipster - white fleece
Zoetta -silver fleece

Don't bother with the others because they'll snatch the treats from you and run, being they're the wrong color
Just feed these alpacas Zenatta 3 treats, Zipster 3 treats and Zoetta 2 treats.

Take the fleece back to her, she says it'll be a couple hours. Talk to see if its ready. Nope! She barely started cleaning it, then it has to dry etc. Go and ask again. Nope! Yarn is still not ready. It's dry now but now she's gotta comb it. Go look for seashells while she's doing it, or be lazy and stay in the house and bug her. *laughing out loud!*. Great! Now she needs to spin it! only a few minutes? Fourth time better be the charm here. Finally the yarn is ready! Take it back to Yolanda on Hoof. She is so very pleased with it!

Reward; 50,000 and 200 QP

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