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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Rafiki's Horrible, Terrible, Muddy Secret
REPLY: (by PoisonIvy) Jun 28 2015 12:10pm
Talk to Rafiki On Quiet Isle about his secret and get him to keep talking to you and he will tell you that: “a gnome popped out of a hole by the dead tree and he said he was digging worm holes so I dug there and... NOOOO!” Go into the mud hole and dig.

You need to keep going into mud holes and digging and around some dead trees until you reach Cabin isle.

Whoosh! You are on Cabin Isle. Wait a minute! What is that BRIGHT PURPLE SCRAP you see mostly buried under the log? You'd better dig it out.You carefully dig around and under the log and pull out something purple.You found a Purple Gnome Cap! The cap has written on it Cabin Forest Care Taker. Go to Frannie in the forest on the southern part of the isle and she will tell you that the gnome wanders the woods.

When you talk to the gnome he will mention his brother on his own island and if you keep talking to him you can ask to go but theres a favour you need to do first, he has dropped his magic toadstools from his bag around some of the mud holes and dead trees by which you have just got to him! He’s lost six toadstools altogether.

Go back to the mud hold on the very east side of the isle where you found the cap. To go backwards you have to rake, so rake your way back through and use your magnifying glass not three steps from each hole / tree to find the toadstools. There are no toadstools on Haven isle or Art isle.

Once you have found all six of them dig your way back to Cabin Isle and return to the gnome and give them to him and he will transport you to Mane isle.
REPLY: (by Piper) Jun 30 2015 9:58pm
thank you So much Ivers!
REPLY: (by PoisonIvy) Jul 1 2015 4:22am
no worries :)

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