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REPLY: (by DesertPaint) May 31 2015 1:35pm
I have mailed Miranda regarding this issue. I have requested rule clarification on Horse Isle's position regarding this, specifically on HI1 due to the age of our players (listed as 8 and up.)

I'll let you know the answer. For now, this is probably what I will be copy/pasting to the players:

"We are a children's/family game where young children play. Please
keep adult content off game. This is considered adult content as we
do not allow dating on this game. Such content is not appropriate
here. No other person needs to know what another persons personal
preference is or is not. We do not support "causes or real life
issues" on this game, please keep such content off game."

It's against the rules to have adult content, to date and to proselytize on this game. So...
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) May 31 2015 2:12pm
Miranda is working on this. For now:

We can remind players that LBGT is not a gender, it's a preferece. We do not allow dating, so no reason for others to know this info. We do not allow proselytizing either so please keep it off game. And we do not allow adult content.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jun 2 2015 12:00pm
Miranda has added a bit in Rule #1 when you click on rules. Third line down.

Also updated is a bit regarding this in Detailed Rules under Dating. #4.
REPLY: (by AppleBay) Jun 2 2015 12:21pm
Ah perfect, thanks very much for adding these!
REPLY: (by Elanor) Jun 2 2015 3:18pm
Brill! Thanks, that will help a lot! :)

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