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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Frannie's Waylaid Supplies
REPLY: (by Piper) May 7 2015 8:20pm
Talk to Franie about any chores or errands that she might need done. Turns out she ordered some supplies from Vee up at the Whoa and Go store and for you to tell Vee to add it to her tab, only something went wrong. The boat that had her supplies got waylaid by pirates, along with other orders for ranchers too. Back to Frannie with the news. She give you a red pine cone for your troubles, but you being the good person you are have a bright idea in asking if you could get them for her.
Well, it turns out that there's another task at hand. Seems there are some rogue pirates. She wants to find out who did this dasstardly deed and wants you to ask until you find the culprits that are responsible for it!
Head back and talk to Vee who tells you to talk to Marina on Whorl dock. She tells you to talk to the pirates. Pirate Isle here we come!
Ohh jeez Talk about being pulled like taffy!
Going back and forth between Captain Jack and Captain Solomon..I felt it was never ending. Talk to them about giving up the goods and you'll get sent to the isle where Joe Longbeard is at. Neither captian will talk to you now. So, Talk to Joe, who tells you that for a hot cocoa and popcorn ( which you can get in Appleton and on Bird Isle) he will tell you who the culprit is!

After he gets his goodies, he tells you that it's Milo over on saddle. Milo is also the Skull pirate rowboat guard who takes you on your trips over there. He swears he ain't cut out to be no pirate. Talk to Vee after you finish your chat with Milo.
Turns out the goods got returned, and Vee mentions that you should visit Frannie too.

Reward 35,000 and 200 QP
From Frannie: 5 red pine cones

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