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REPLY: (by Piper) Mar 22 2015 2:27pm
Jebidiah Gets His Cool On (Yellow Brick Isle):
Take the boat from the dock on the first Sand Isle to Yellow Brick
Talk to Jebidiah and he'll tell you that the isle can be a hot place, but that he can use some help, if you have the time that is. So, why not? You have all the time to help a friend like him, right?
Jebidiah needs a block of ice a to keep him cool for a long time, and a dozen snowballs to keep his orangeade cool in an ice chest. Jebidiah gives you 4500 in traveling money and tells you that Heinrich may have an ice chest to sell and talk to someone on glacier for the ice.. Jebidiah gives you 4500 for travelling money.
Pick up the chest first, that way your ice won't melt on the way back
Talk to Heinrich on Snow Isle, He'll sell you the ice chest for $500.
Next go to Glacier. Talk to Vasyl on Glacier to see if she sells ice blocks. She tells you that her Brother--in-law Vladyk sells them
Vladyk's house is over by Ice Sculpture 12. Vladyk can get you a block of ice, only there's one catch, he needs someone to get his chainsaw repaired so he can get the task done.
Why does this not surprise me? He says that if you get the chainsaw fixed he'll get you the ice block.
Take the chainsaw to Rick over on Rider Isle. He tells you that he fixes it every couple of months for him and that the chain slipped. Ask Rick two times, and each time he tells you to be patient and to look around. Talk to him a third time and it's ready.
Ask Vladyk the first time if the ice is ready, he tells you he was half way through when the chainsaw broke. Ask a second time and you got the ice at no cost for helping to get his chainsaw fixed.
Gather the 12 snowballs and be on your way back to brick Isle with all the goodies!
Reward: 50,000 and 150QP
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Mar 22 2015 6:13pm
Thanks! :)

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