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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Mikko's Gift Quest Notes
REPLY: (by Piper) Jan 20 2015 8:30pm
Mikko's Gift Request (Ice):
Talk to Mikko about adventure traveling to warmer islands and anything he'd like from there. He needs a gift for Britt since her birhday's coming up. Certainly he has an idea of what she might like!
He hints that there's a shop on the jungle islands that sells some handmade items that he's sure would have something that a cat lover like her would love! Mikko gives you 6500 for traveling expenses and cant waits for your return to see what you have for her! I traveled All the Jungle Isles and even Dog a few times before talking to her!

Talk to Bettina on Dog Isle about an assortment of throws that she has. She tells you that cats love them because they are woven for Alpaca wool and the cat hairl blends into it too.
She'll sell you one for $1800. Bring it back to Mikko. He loves it and tells you to take it to Santa and ask him to wrap in in nicely bright colors. Take it back to Britt on Crystalton, giver it to her telling her it's a gift from Mikko.Go back to Mikko with her reply about the gift, and he's glad to hear that she loved it!
REPLY: (by CometChaser) Jan 21 2015 4:40am
Thank you Piper, I was stuck on this one too and talked to just about every npc even Bettina a few times but I guess I didn't give the correct reply *laughing out loud!*.
REPLY: (by Piper) Jan 21 2015 3:56pm
Sorry I forgot to post the reward and QP. Maybe one of you could post it in here? Thanks!
REPLY: (by Piper) Jan 21 2015 3:57pm
You're more than welcome! Took me 3 days to get it done, but I finally did!
REPLY: (by Piper) Jan 21 2015 8:59pm
Here's the Reward for the quest.
Reward: $20,000 and 150 QP

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