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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Archy and Mehitabel's Quest
REPLY: (by Piper) Sep 13 2014 7:31am
Talk to Mehitabel on Horn Isle to find out that her Archy has been gone for several months getting supplies. She gives you a copy of the list of the people that he went to see.
Below is the list of people Mehitabel gave you. I took it out of the original order and put it in order of the people you see:
1) Lumber from GILLIAN --Ring Isle
2) Vegetable Seeds from CADENCE--Bird Isle
3) Tar from KARL--Cat Isle
4)Signs from SALVADOR--Art Isle
5) Shingles from CEDRIC--Snow Isle
6)Rugs from LINNEA--Ice Isle
7)Saddle Soap from MIGUELA POMMEL--Rider Isle
8)Chocolate Spread from TOBIAS.--Earton
9)Oats from OLIVER OATES--Treeton
10)Dog Treats from OLLIE SCOOPER---Shellton/Turtle Isle
11)Nails from WARD ANVIL--Hotton/Desert Isle
12) Preserves from SANDRA--Flipperton/Dolphin Isle
13) Flower Seeds from LILAC --Flower Isle
14) Whitewash from MURRAY--Tail End on Tail Isle
15) Hay from HARRY OATERSON-- Tropicton Feed Store
16) Candles from CHANDA--Web Isle
17) Apples from BRUNO-- Appleton

Start at the top and work your way down.
Talk to Gillian, She sends you to Andrea
Andrea sends you to Wington to see Cadence and see if Archy picked up his vegetable seeds from her yet. Andrea sends you to Zamora telling you that Zamora would know where Archy went next
Now off to Karl. after talking to him about the dlivery pickup there, Karl sends you to Arbuckle, because Archy goes there for a chat with him when he's there.
Now on to Art to talk to Salvador. Salvador sends you to see Remy next at the Inn after Archy picked up his signs and some kinishes and bagels then headed north to see Cedric on Snow. After your visit there, Go talk to Rupert. Now it's off to Ice Isle to find out Archy picked up the rugs from Linnea and from there you go to Yorick over on Snowball Isle, just right across the bridge to the east.Yorick tells you that they chatted, ate stew and played checkers, so now its of to Rider with you!
Check and see if Arch has picked up the saddle soap here, and then go talk to Kyleigh, who in turn tells you to head to Earton next. Tobias says the chocolate spread was picked up. talk to Twig next. Twig tells you he headed off to Treeton after chatting with him. Ok, Treeton is our next stop! Oliver tells you to go talk to Ryland! Archy always visits him when he's in Treeton! Ryland tell's you that yes he was here! (missed him again!) Archy had gone off to his next stop to Shellton. Off to Ollie to see if he picked up his dog treats. Ollie tells you he went to see Atreyu after he picked them up. This guy loves to chat with people!
On to Hotton according to Atreyu! Archy picked up his nails, and talked to Ormand, who wasn't happy one bit to see him and told him to get out to the retirement community..in other words, Flipperton! Talk to Sandra on Flipperton who in turn tells you to talk to Fin next about where he went to, and of course you learn from your short conversation with Fin thet he left for Flower Isle. Off to Flower isle to talk to Lilac!
After talking to Lilac she'll send you to see Tulippe who is Mehitabel's cousin. It's a small world! Tulippe tells you that Archy went to see Murray who is on Tail End of Tail Isle. You find out from Murray that he picked up his whitewashing and went to see Mortimer over on Starfish. Mortimer says that he was here for a chat but left for Tropicton. There's not too many more places for this guy to hide. let's find him and quick! Next stop is to see Harry Oaterson to see if he picked up the hay yet. Well, looks like he's gone, again. Harry sends you off to see Orson Shells, the rock shop owner.
After a chat with Orson you find out he left for Veb..I mean Web Isle. Chandra is next on the list and he already has been there but she tells you to go talk to Alton, and you learn from him that Archy went to Appleton to see Bruno. After you chat with Bruno he tells you to go talk to Fautus. (Yea, I know, the crabby old guy from Sabella's quest.)
Talk to him about where Archy may have gone and he'll tell you he was last in the field below his cabin--if he's still there because he might have left by now. For our sake let's hope not!
I found Archy under the cluster of pine trees in the upper left part of the field.
Talk to him to find out that he was getting some repairs done on a wagon wheel and that you should do him one more favor, go back to horn and let Mehitabel know he's coming!
Once you go back to Horn and tell Mehitabel he's on his way back, she seems as giddy as a school girl all over again! She can't wait for her Archy to get back for their anniversary now! She'll remind you to give her the list for their records.
Reward: 4 Pearl Necklaces and 300 quest points.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Sep 13 2014 10:40am
Thanks Piper!
REPLY: (by Piper) Sep 13 2014 1:48pm
You're very welcome! I used a Uni for both of these quests. it not only made it faster with the traveling but also cut down on boat fare expenses for me, and it also gave me a chance to grid a couple of the new isles for horses too! Those quests were a lot of fun!

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