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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Me and Flip having a bit of fun on Chessy
REPLY: (by Piper) Aug 13 2014 5:53pm
Flip and I were having a bit of fun over on Chessy with some players. I left the conversation with player names in here.

I thought you'd like a good laugh or two! =)

UnmindfulFlipper: I have a few splatterballs left if I didn't hit you or you don't feel goopy enough
UnmindfulFlipper: I am at earton dock
Hikari: MODS REVENGE: Mods Revenge is now over. All Splatterballs removed.
Hikari: ^^ x]
UnmindfulFlipper: well guess not *laughing out loud!*
Hikari: *laughing out loud!*. xD
Piper: Drop ALL cards at EB!!
ArabianRose: Are you a new mod? o.O
Alphabet: Piper comes on every now and then.
ArabianRose: Oh, just never seen them before
Alphabet: I've seen Piper afew times :) (Well, not visually 'seen' Piper, but, yeah)
ThePrecious: same
Piper: who me?
Piper: I've been on chessy before
UnmindfulFlipper: watch out for Piper, she is dangerous
Piper: no i'm not Flip, you are
ArabianRose: -pats- I like 'er.
ThePrecious: OK face it, you both are!
UnmindfulFlipper: come on guys, stick up for me here! *laughing out loud!*
Hikari: I'm not taking sides x]
Piper: Me? I plead the 5th. Innocent till proven guilty in a court of law
ArabianRose: Awesomeness may be one of my traits, but not loyalty sadly. xD Sorry Flip
ArabianRose: -pats flip too-
ThePrecious: -is judge- Do you promise to tell the truth, but the truth and nothing but the truth?
Piper: Yep
ThePrecious: flipper?
UnmindfulFlipper: what?
Hikari: She's guilty. x]
(*oops! They called Flip *she!*)
ThePrecious: jury, do you think flipper is guilty?
UnmindfulFlipper: she may be guilty but i'm not
Hikari: Flipper NOT guilty. x]
Piper: I'm not guilty judge
Hikari: I know flip is a guy Alpha... x]
ThePrecious: where are your lawyers?
Hikari: e.e
ArabianRose: *laughing out loud!*
Alphabet: -headesk-
Piper: mine are court appointed
Alphabet: I believe that Piper carrys cookies in her bag for all the good kids >:D
UnmindfulFlipper: Why do I get the feeling this conversation is going Nowhere?
Hikari: because it isn't. xD
Alphabet: Cause it probably isn't.
ThePrecious: -slams rubber mallet thingo-
ArabianRose: Probably because it is going nowhere.
Piper: I get that feeling too Flip
ThePrecious: silence in the court!
Alphabet: Precious. That was my head D:
ThePrecious: jury, who is guilty?
Hikari: You xD
ThePrecious: out of flipper and pipe >.<
ArabianRose: I gotcha Piper. -.o
Hikari: Piper x] *laughing out loud!*
UnmindfulFlipper: hush Precious don't tell Alphy I told you to mallet her for solving that las puzzle before I could!
Piper: My lawyer has proof I'm not guilty as charged *produces evidence*
ArabianRose: -eats evidence-
ThePrecious: i setence piper to telling flipper that he is guilty and i sentance flipper to say that he is guilty!
UnmindfulFlipper: fabricated evidence
ArabianRose: Baa. I'm a goat.
ThePrecious: silence in the court!]
ArabianRose: Goats say baa right? o.O
ThePrecious: i sentance piper to telling flipper that he is guilty and i sentance flipper to say that he is guilty!
Hikari: Thats a sheep.
Piper: *has extra copies, hands one to judge personally*
ThePrecious: SILENCE
ArabianRose: I'm pretty sure goats say baa too.
Hikari: -eats all paper-
ThePrecious: IN THE
ThePrecious: COURT!
Hikari: Moo.
ThePrecious: i sentance piper to telling flipper that he is guilty and i sentance flipper to say that he is guilty!
ThePrecious: NOW!
Hikari: o.o
Piper: "Flipper you are guilty as charged"
UnmindfulFlipper: not
UnmindfulFlipper: kangaroo court
Hikari: xD
ThePrecious: >.< i sentance flipper to camping with me for 10 minutes on pison isle!
ThePrecious: prison** xD
UnmindfulFlipper: hmmm, one of us may go there
Piper: Looks like you are Flip, since they sentenced youThePrecious: since I sentenced you
UnmindfulFlipper: only works if they have the power to send
ThePrecious: >.< pipe, can you please send flipper to prison?
ThePrecious: or does it not work on mods?
UnmindfulFlipper: yes it does
ThePrecious: pipe?
Hops: do it!!! *laughing out loud!*
UnmindfulFlipper: You should have sentenced Piper then!
ThePrecious: jury, should i sentence piper?
ThePrecious: okay, piper, i sentence you to coming to prison isle.
UnmindfulFlipper: grr
UnmindfulFlipper: If I get 4 guilty votes for Piper to go to Prison I will send her
ThePrecious: pipe is on prison!
ArabianRose: I'll vote guilty just to see a mod send another mod to prison.
ThePrecious: xD
Hikari: Guilty. x]
UnmindfulFlipper: too late then *laughing out loud!*
ThePrecious: O.o piper poofed to mod isle
Piper: *laughing out loud!*
Hikari: Theres a mod isle? o.O
UnmindfulFlipper: yes
ThePrecious: apparently
Hikari: Where? xD
ArabianRose: Ooooh. Where
UnmindfulFlipper: map me
ArabianRose: Noice
Hikari: oh
UnmindfulFlipper: Welcome to Mod Isle. Sit and relax.
Player AnnieOakley has logged in.
UnmindfulFlipper: Please do not tell players to "nevermind", some take it seriously!
UnmindfulFlipper: *laughing out loud!*
AnnieOakley: Just like a certain Mod I know...he //never// minds ;)
Piper: OKay, NOW what'd ya guys do that there have to be 3 mods on?
ArabianRose: NOTHING! =O -capscapscapscaps-
REPLY: (by Alyeska) Aug 14 2014 9:08am
*rolling on floor laughing!* Oh my goodness.
-wipes tears- This is great Pipsy. :)
We miss you Flip.

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