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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Crow's Nest Carrie's Hobby
REPLY: (by Piper) May 8 2014 7:51pm
Crow's Nest Carrie's Hobby

Talk to Carrie and ask how things have been going. She tells you since she has time on her hands now, she needs a hobby, but doesn't know what it should be. She doesn't know what intrests her so her only thought is for you to ask the other pirates, but not the captains.
Just gus' hobby is Painting although he'll never own up to it to the other pirates.
Black Bart--collects Anchors
Squalid nathaniel--collects stamps
Silvertooth Sam-- collects old maps, the older the better
Smelly Toes Monroe--hobby is Painting
Mona gives you a Crocheted tote bag for carrie
Genevive gives you a beginners book and clay for carrie
Genevieve is a potter and she thought Carrie might like that. She also sent some clay and instructions, if Carrie likes it she’ll send more equipment.
Mona is a sculptor, but she crochets to relax. She sent this tote bag that she made, it has everything in it that Carrie will need to start crocheting.
Eunice is a sand painter, so she sent this starter kit.
Holly collects miniature horses. and also collect sea shells. Here’s a seahorse to start you off. Finally, Posy gave you three Books on Flower Arranging for Carrie.
Reward: 2 Ruby Necklaces, a Diamond Necklace and 175 QP
REPLY: (by Piper) May 8 2014 8:09pm
Crow's Nest Carries starts in the bottom left of the crossbones. She's in the lighthouse. Phyllis Colts is in Hotton (to the east a bit) in the foal adoption center)

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