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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Phyllis Colt's Favorite Foal
REPLY: (by Piper) May 7 2014 7:37pm
Phyllis Colt's Favorite Foal

Talk to Phyllis and ask her how the foal adoption has been going. Phyllis tells you that she fell in love with a foal from the Foriegn Lands that it pained her to adopt it outPhyllis would like to know what became of that colt in the Foriegn Lands. Phyllis tells you it was somebody named Ms. Knight or Ms. Bishop, but she thinks they're in Flipperton. So it's off to Dolphin Isle!
Offer to talk to people in Flipperton for her to find and address
Talk to Felton. He doesn't have much to say about Miss knight. In fact, he's glad she's gone.
Mabel tells you that Miss Knight was a rather abrasive person, which meant well, but not companionable
Iona tells you that Miss Knight has a relative that works over on Hare Isle at the feed store! Finally!
Talk to Ginger at the stable about the address. She gets rather defensive about giving Miss Knight's address out to you. In order for Ginger to give you the address, give her 10 honeycombs for her work.
Take the address back to Phyllis and get your reward!
Reward: 12k and 150 QP

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