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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Clarification please
REPLY: (by OrbWeaver) May 3 2014 11:57am
For "Trading Between Servers" on #4, it states:
4] You may buy Subscriptions and Pawneer Orders for players on any server. The Subscription/Pawneer Order policy must be followed. (see: Selling Gift Subscriptions) The two players must agree on the purchase while on the server that the receiving player will pay the paying player on. The receiving player may get the Subscription/Pawneer Order for a different server though.
For example, PlayerA and PlayerB are on Roan. PlayerB has agreed to purchase PlayerA a Subscription for the White server. If the two agree on a price, then PlayerB purchases the sub on White using the Gift Subscription option. Once PlayerA sees the sub on that server, they then pay PlayerB on Roan. If PlayerA refuses to pay, or claims that it wasn't credited, then PlayerB needs to email support to find out if it was credited and to get the payment if it was. Remember that lying about it not being credited to attempt to get out of paying will most likely get you banned.

Does this mean you cannot advertise on another server? For example, you want a server on Grey. You go to an active server like Pinto and post in ads that you want a subscription on Grey, but you can only pay with Grey money. That would mean someone would have to be willing to join Grey to sell you the subscription and get the money. Is this allowed?
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) May 3 2014 6:50pm
For gifted subscriptions and PO's you may advertise on another server. As long as the agreement is clear as to which server you will be paying on, then all is good.

Subs and PO's can be gifted to any server so as long as the seller is ok with the server that money will be received on, it's fine to advertise on whatever server you wish. And the forums as well. :)
REPLY: (by DarkFaerie) May 4 2014 5:03am
Has this rule changed? Because of the 'The two players must agree on the purchase while on the server that the receiving player will pay the paying player on' I always thought that it was against rules, I even spoke to a player about it on Pinto just the other night.
Maybe the wording in detailed rules could be changed a little to make it more clear?
REPLY: (by OrbWeaver) May 4 2014 7:52am
DarkFaerie - probably the same player I spoke to. She called me out on it in Global, I took it to PM (and did NOT point out that it's also against the rules to argue with a mod) before posting here. Because I figured it was okay, based on what DP just posted here. But it seems we don't all fully understand what the rules are saying.

Thanks for the clarification!
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) May 4 2014 9:23am
Some things can be a bit ambiguous.

For most things, settlements/discussion must indeed be on the server where the transaction will take place.

But, with subs and PO's they can be gifted to any server. At this time...with no players on some of the servers advertising on a server when you are pretty much the only one there isn't going to do much.

So I bend the rules a little to where it's practical. We allow players to advertise selling subs in the forums, they can't actually sell them from there. So advertising you are wanting to buy or to sell a sub/PO on a server where there are players at this time only makes sense.

You do need to agree on and be very clear and specific in that agreement as to what server payment will be given on though.

For "fussy" players, remind them that the players are basically on Pinto, there are not enough players on other servers to comply with the "stated" rules at this time. Doesn't mean you don't want a sub on that server, it means there aren't enough players to get one. *laughing out loud!*

I am hesitant to ask for a rule change/clarification since it's possible our player count might rise in time. In which case it would probably go back to the specific rule.

We bend rules when it's appropriate to bend them. When they don't actually work at a specific time then we bend. If the player count continues to drop significantly then perhaps Miranda will "tweak" that rules a bit.

I'll post a blurp in Game Forum for player clarification right after breakfast when hopefully my brain will be fully awake. *laughing out loud!* (I overslept)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) May 4 2014 1:43pm
At this time, due to the low player counts on many of the servers, it's not really practical to only advertise you wish to buy/sell a subscription/PO on that one server. (There may not be any other players on, or only a few are on.)

Since these can be gifted to any server, and since we do allow them to be advertised in the forums... It's logical at this time to also allow them to be advertised on different servers.

If you are selling a sub however you do need to be currently subscribed to the server you are advertising on. However to buy one you may be on any server.

Please do be careful though and make very certain their is a clear agreement between both parties as to which server payment will be made on. (And of course which server the sub/PO is to be gifted to.)

In Game forum under "Clarification on Subs/PO's Buying/Selling.

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