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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Amelia's, Elizabeth's, Holli's and Warren's Quests!
REPLY: (by Piper) Apr 12 2014 10:39am
Amelia Hays' Waldorf Salad.

Amelia seems to have a mouse problem, or so you think. Amelia says that they're ok and that they only eat Waldorf Salads. Waldorf Salad as you learn, is named after a hotel on an island far away. The salad is mainly celery, apples, walnuts and grapes with mayonnaise dressing.
Amelia gets her celery from Hotton, her mayo from Shellton.
She need 1 jar of may and 2 of everything else. Time to get the supplies!
It's best if you have some of this stuff already in your inventory befor you start so you don't have to go hunting on the quest for it.
Apples are plentiful in Appleton by the trees, thus the name.
The grapes can be found on Aesop Isle and walnuts over on Jungle.
The mayo you will buy at the Shellton store for $1500. Expensive stuff huh?
Walnuts are found on Jungle isle.
Go to hotton Grocery, where Clementine is and ask her for the celery. It's also $1500 per stalk. Thank goodness you only need 2!
Return to Amelia with the goodies.
Reward:$7000 and 30 quest points.

Elizabeth's Glue
Elizabeth is on Bone Isle and asks if you could do something for her. Why Not? You're already there!
I'm trying to make a gigantic sculpture of a squirrel on this small island. It will be beautiful and everyone will know that this is the best island of them all!
You can tell she doesn't get out much and she wants it made out of pinecones, and she'd like 50 of them. Now it's off to find the pinecones! Bring the pine cones back to her only to find out now that she needs glue. Now it's of to Witherton on Rider Isle to go and talk to Zeke at the store about the glue. She's already paid for the glue and Zeke has thrown in there for her 6 Smores.
Take them to her telling her that Zeke sent his regards as well.
Reward: $2500 and 25 QP

Holli's Wedding Planner (Tropicton):

Various other isles so a Unicorn comes in handy and Cloud isle is included in quest.

Stop by to see how it's been going with Holli's handsome rider. You find out that Holli has some incredible news to tell you. That the handsome rider, Malachy, her beloved's name has asked her to marry her! And she has one wish. Since you were so helpful getting them together in the first place to help with the wedding of theirs! Now it's off to the isle we all love to hate. Whorl. Go see Martina, she's the wedding planner who is expecting you.
Martina is located in a house in the first forest as you begin to ride down Whorl. Beware. She is hyper. She'll send you out to two craftsman at a time, and will give you the order forms and will need a sample and estimate in each return. It doesn't matter who you go to first, just as long as you get the orders from them.

First stop. Web Isle to see Lilibeth and Shoneah
Lilibeth send her sample back saying that she'd need 4 weeks notice to finish the order, and Shoneah told you that they'd need 2 months notice for their order, but that they had the supplies.

Next stop, Wington. William at the Inn is catering the wedding so he'll send along some appetixers with the invoice, and Irisis doing the flower arrangements. Martina also says if she could send a sketch of the bridal bouquet, that it would be perfect.

Iris won't give you the actual bouquets to take back , but she will give you pictures of them. Iris reminds you to have Holli pick out the flowers she likes best, and that she will need 6 weeks in advance to do it.

William tells you to tell Martina that Holli can choose 6 appetizers and that changes can be made in the order up to 2 weeks prior to the wedding.

The last two stops are on Cloud to see Hansel for the cake and Topicton to see Bob for the carriage for Holli's wedding.
Bob works at the Livery. He sends back some sketches of the carriages, as well as some for dandified tack too. He will need a month to arrange everything for their wedding.

Hansel is on Cloud with his bakery
Go to Hansel only to be rebutted by him telling you they aren't open. When are they ever ?
When you tell them that you were sent by Martina with a wedding cake order and that Holli is getting married, he's thrilled to help out! He tells you that the cake is a challenge that suits his talents. He gives you a box of samples with cake/filling / frosting combinations to take back to Martina and also tells you he'll need 6-8 weeks notice for the cake.

Return to her with the last two deliveries.
Reward: $7500, 2 Carrot Treats and 150 QP

Warren Cash and the Worms of Wealth (Appleton Bank):

Warren's quest starts off at the Appleton Bank. He seems rather.. well pensive. I'd say uptight.
During the course of the conversation he asks you it comes to the conversation of money and how there is only one kind in the whole world. His idea seems simple. He wants "ugly money"
for himself of course.
Now for it to be useful as money, it has to be small and well uniform more or less in size.
His grand idea: EARTHWORMS! So now he wants 12 earthworms and a rotten tomato so his nice worms will multiply in no time. (Ugh no wonder no one else would want this ugly money!)
Bring him the 12 worms and the tomato. He is thrilled to have his ugly money!
Reward: $2,000 and 25 QP
REPLY: (by Piper) Apr 12 2014 12:59pm
In Holli's there is a small typo...I meant Tropicton (not Topicton)

If you find any typos, please correct them. Thanks!
REPLY: (by CometChaser) Apr 12 2014 4:46pm
Thank you Piper!
REPLY: (by Piper) Apr 20 2014 9:17pm
sorry...typo in amelia's quest. cost for celery is $500 not 1500. Now you know how late I was up tying it *laughing out loud!*. Sorry for the mistake.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Apr 21 2014 12:19pm
Thanks Piper.

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