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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Reid's Grandmother's Legacy Quest
REPLY: (by Piper) Apr 12 2014 12:19am
Reid's Grandmother's Legacy quest
Reid is the owner of the rock shop in Treeton.
Reid knows of a university on the Foreign Lands and has always dreamed of attending it.
One big problem. It's far away and expensive , plus he's been trying to earn the money through
running the rock shop, but is nowhere close. There is a less expensive one, but this one has the best geology program and he has his mind is set on going. They want them to submit a collection of gems, minerals, etc and where they were located. He has everything he needs except his grandmothers cataloging cards which he needs you to find! Unfortunately, she took them on her last expedition and left them there, and all he knows is that it was up north.
He gives you a clue: "As far to north as you can go, to an isle with center snow. Right between a man and bird, dig and you'll find my last word."
Go to Icicle Isle
Stand north of the center tree and dig. You found the catalog box, but the cards are missing!
Use your mag glass to find a clue.
Starting at the center tree go 2 steps up and 1 to the right and dig. There's card number one
Dig on the rocks southwest of the ice sculpture for card two.
3 steps down and 3 steps to the left from the ice sculpture is card three.
Dig 2 steps right of the snowman for card four.
The fifth and final card is one step right of where you find the number one card (above the tree on the beach).
Take them back to Reid.
Reward: 8 Green Crystal Shards, 8 Red Crystal Shards and 35 quest points.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Apr 12 2014 9:40am
Thanks Piper!
REPLY: (by Piper) Apr 12 2014 10:43am
Your quite welcome DP! I didn't know we had 5 quests out at once! I thought i only saw one and was like "Ok that's cool a new quest!" Then I saw the others! I got questing and took notes for everyone, so update those MMRB's! Enjoy the notes! A Uni does come in handy for Holli's quest. You'll see why in the notes!

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