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REPLY: (by Ponder) Dec 27 2013 3:39pm
Quite a few players have asked me recently if it's against the rules for players to "lag" in the simple jumping arenas to get better scores, and I'm not sure on the correct answer to this.
Apparently there are a few players who "lag" (where they pull up other windows/tabs/downloads/etc to slow down jumping) in the simple jumping arenas which allows them to usually get better scores than they normally would, and also causes the score list to come out later than usual.
I've told those who asked me that admins can't give vios for this unless they have actual proof (admitting it in chats, etc) that the person is doing this on purpose and it's not just because of a slow computer.
So, does "lagging" count as cheating, and if so, is it reportable?
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 27 2013 4:08pm
It's not against the rules. It's not nice, but it's not something we can prove thus it's allowed.

Even if the player admits to it in chat, it's not against the rules. The other players can lag themselves to get better scores if they wish to. If it kicks them out try Witherton.

Sorry, I realize that's not quite fair, but we can't block lag.
REPLY: (by Ponder) Dec 27 2013 4:48pm
Ahh, that's what I figured. Thanks!

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